Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I've loved beautiful stationery since I was a teeny weeny little girl and that passion is still very much alive and kicking and it has inspired me to re-package my JLB patterns! =D
While I have an insatiable passion for beautiful packaging, I also love mother earth more so I've used recycle paper where possible or paper from farmed trees to print the instructions and to give it the JLB touch, I've used a brilliant hot pink paper for the patterns. The patterns and instructions will be sealed in an ecco enveloped made from 100% Recycled paper where you can place all your cut out patterns for reuse! :D Hope you like the new look!!
ps. all my patterns are also available in PDF format and you will only need to print the required patterns pages.

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  1. I so applaud you on this brilliant idea!!! Like you, I am such an advocate of looking after 'our home'. With some thought and common sense, we can have the things we love without killing something to get it.
    Thanks Jenny...


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