a gentle reminder...

One more working day before I head off to take some time out but before I leave I would like to introduce my little "Sookie" to you. "Sookie is created from my Blink pattern and is part of my 'PAST TIMES' collection. She is approximately 23cm/9 inches tall and is 5 way jointed assembled using wobbly joints giving her a wobbly head, wobbly arms and wobbly legs which just dangles when she's being held and cuddled.
Sookie wears very beautiful short dense blue mohair with complementing pink polka dot footpads and inner ears. She is filled with quality pollyflock stuffing and is lovely and soft to touch.
Sookie has a roughly finish dark brown nose and she has small black German glass eyes.
Being a 'Past Times' bear, Sookie have the JENNY LOVES BENNY stamp on one footpad instead of the label on the back. She's such a darling little bear!! :D
Sookie is now available for adoption from my website