Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I've just finished a new bear, this one's been "working in progress" for a looonnng time!!
Scarlet is a new design, actually she was created especially so that she can wear the beautiful "Gone with the wind"!! You can guess where her name cames from right? :D
For everyone who are familiar with my bears, as you know, I’m not normally a
“dressed bear” type of artist, but someone had to wear it and sadly though it can't be me, I think Scarlet looks lovely in it!! don't you think?
Scarlet is now listed on eBay for a 7 day auction until the 27th of January 2008.
Please visit my bears page for details :D

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Counterfeit Jennylovesbenny Patterns!!

I guess it's bound to happen one day and it did!
One of my lovely customers took the time to email me today to notify me that
mine and other artist's bear patterns has been replicated and sold on ebay. Sure enough when I checked, I found that this ebayer reproduced a number of my patterns without my consent and sold it on ebay. She's also used a photo of my bear "Tess" and sold it as a pattern. I'm in contact with eBay regarding this and have also contacted the seller and some of the artists affected. Hopefully, the seller will stop now that she knows that we're aware of this or eBay will do something soon.

To my customers, please be aware that my bear patterns are sold exclusively only:
  • by me on ebay using id: jennylovesbenny
  • online at
  • Honeydew Bears Shop Address
    27 Boerneef Str
    Helderkruin, South Africa
My bears are sold exclusively by:
  • me on ebay using id: jennylovesbenny
  • online at
  • Bears and Gifts Brisbane Shop Address
    Shop 10 Woolworths Market Place,
    Cnr Old Northern Rd & Albany Forest Drive,
    Albany Creek, Qld Australia -
Please do not support other unauthorised sellers of counterfeit or illegally reproduced jennylovesbenny products as they are not authentic jennylovesbenny creations.
Thank you!

Gone with the wind?

Isn't this just one of the most beautiful doll dresses you've seen???
I found this at a stand when I visited the Adelaide Teddy fair back in July 2007!! It's been hanging in my wardrobe ever since and it just makes me smile each time I pick out an outfit and see it hanging's not like I can wear it I know but it makes me happy when I stand back to try and chose what to wear and seeing the dress, my mind can't help but drift into fantasy land where I shrink (like Alice in Wonderland) and become a mini person and I'll pull the dress over me and twirl around the room like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind! LOL
Thankfully that blip in mental state doesn't last too long before I need to get dressed and rush out! :D

okay, no one told me keeping a blog takes time!!!!
Sorry I've been a bit slack and not updating it as regularly as I should with updates etc.
Will try to do better from now on! :D
Where does the time go???!

Monday, 14 January 2008

CHEWY happy chappy panda!

I've just finished a new panda cub, and his name is “Chewy”, he’s a lovable happy chappy little fella! Chewy has just been listed on eBay for a 5 day listing.
Here is the link to his auction:

Saturday, 12 January 2008

A Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peek of "Wigly" and "Jollimont" created especially for "Bears and Gifts" shop in Albany Creek, QLD. They are getting ready to travel first thing Monday and should arrive in Qld by the end of next week.
Please contact Lisa at for adoption details.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Raphael by Kerrie

This is a bear created from Raphael's pattern made by Kerrie of Kent (UK).
The first bear she's made and it's a cutie!!!

you Kerrie for sharing your bear with us :D

Monday, 7 January 2008

Miss Isabella Red

I've just finished a new elephant and I've named her "Miss Isabella Red"! :D
I've had this mohair for a very long time but couldn't think of what to make from it and it just suddenly hit me the other day.
I think she is just a gorgeous baby!!
Miss Isabella Red has just been listed on eBay for a 5 day listing.
Here is the link to her auction:


Happy New Year Everyone!! :D
I took a little time off during Christmas to celebrate and catching up with family and friends. After a good feed and lots of laughter, my energy level was restored and I'm inspired again with many creations just bursting to come out. I also made my own jlb labels which will be attached to new bears created. I made them using a few colours just to complement the different bears.