there must be angels...

When I was a little girl I asked my mum to take me on a plane ride because "All my life I've never been on a plane!" I was 6 y.o at the time!LOL

Mum was a star and brought me on a domestic flight for my first airplane experience! I was so excited about it but the excitement quickly turned to great disappointment! I so desperately wanted to fly because I had thought above the clouds was where fairies and angels lived. I thought fairies travelled on clouds and I would get to see them in their beautiful clothes and their magical world...but to my shock, there was only a mass of white clouds and there was nothing there! My magical world above the clouds was empty and no one was home :(
So at a very young age I discovered that fairies and angels don't live above the clouds, they live in enchanted forests instead! :D

For at least a year now I've wanted to create an Angel bear but it's only recently I found this beautiful pair of angel wings. I'm currently in the design phase, hopefully my bear will earn her wings! :D