Often I receive emails asking if I hold workshops for my bears. Unfortunately being the artist , the pattern maker, the photographer, the photo editor, the web designer, the customer support officer, the buyer, the post office girl, the coffee girl and EVERYTHING else relating to JLB as well as a home maker and mummy to a beautiful puppy (he's 4 years old last week), I often struggle to find the balance between JLB and life outside of JLB although I do try very hard to create that balance!
I also have
many many designs to bring to life and many many grand ideas which I have in stored for JLB which I'm really excited about and hope you will be too! :D

Hence, although I may not be able to personally hold the workshops, I'm really pleased to let you know that workshops for my bears are being held by talented bear artists...

Josey Freni from Bear Essence
211 Scoresby Road BORONIA VIC 3155
(corner Scoresby & Boronia Roads)
(03) 9761 3333

Diane and Maria from the Craft Haven of Berwick
16 Adams Lane, Berwick, 3806
(03) 97073431

Please feel free to give Josey, Diane and Maria a call if you are interested in bear classes. I'm sure they'll love to hear from you and they not only hold classes for my bears but other artist bears also! :D