Bella Bella Bella

Besides have a good time last night, I did manage to do some work during the day!! :D
Please allow me to introduce to you "Bella"! She's a sweet girly bear made from beautiful thick wavey kid mohair. The most luxurious coat for a bear and ever soft to touch! It is because of this beautiful mohair that has been the inspiration for this bear.
"Bella" is now available for adoption from my shop
You can also make your own Bella, she is created from my Petal's pattern and I've used peach candy floss kid mohair from my mohair shop. If you like a complete kit made up for you, just drop me a mail :D


  1. Oh my, is Bella Beautiful, the expression is incredible and what a personality you gave her, LOVE...

  2. So, this is a bit random, but I just wanted to let you know I posted two bears I made from one of your patterns (it's the little white bear that comes in a 2 pack with a bigger one... I'll have to look up his name!)... the first bear I posted and then the white bear...
    I don't know if you like to see what people make from your patterns or not, but they're on my blog!
    Thanks so much for the great pattern!!!



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