A BIG anime bear..and a small one too!

A while back I had a request to make large anime bears and this weekend I finally got around to it! Please meet Asuka my first large anime bear and her 'mini-me' Asumi! hehe
Asuka is 16cm/6.5inches tall and a very nice size for a good cuddle and to carry. Asuka and Asumi are sold separately and more large anime bears will be in the making :D
As you know 'mini-me' Asumi is created from my Sugar pattern therefore, if you already have the pattern you can make your own Asuka by increasing the pattern to 125% on your printer setting. You will need 12mm black glass eyes and use 15mm cotter pin joints.
The large anime bear pattern will be available from my website in the next few days and the pattern will include Asuka's teddy bear hat also. As requested, now you can get bigger hugs! ^_^
Asuka and Asumi are now available for adoption from my shop!


  1. sweet!!! How I wish I have the Money Tree..... love your beauties

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