Please meet MINA-chan, my latest little girl in her Japanese rabbit print pillowcase dress.
Mina-chan has floppy legs that dangles when you pick her up and give her cuddles. You can probably guess how much I love the Japanese fabric prints....Mina-chan has strawberry print inner ears and footpads which looks great with her natural white fur. Mina is now ready for adoption. You can adopt them directly from my shop. Have a fabulous Tuesday! :D


  1. She is so sweet! :) Ur hand have an incredible power of making bears and rabbits and other cute animals!!! Beautiful...

  2. Another gorgeous girl, Jenny! Adorable!

  3. How very sweet Jenny! I do like those adorable faces you come up with for your bears.

  4. Jenny, every new bear makes me smile with delight. Your creations are absolutely delightful!

    Pat xx

  5. she really is sweet and her face, cant put a word on it but it just make me go "sigh" Your bears always brighten my days and makes me awake when I feel sleepy at work =p


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