An oldie but still a favourite!

I've been feeling rather slack this week but after a few days out catching up with friends and taking a short break, I'm back on the saddle again and ready for the weekend! :D
This morning, I finished knitting a scarf for my new friend "Mint"!! Mint is created from my Scooter pattern, an earlier design of mine but still one of my favourites.
Mint wears beautiful sparse mohair with a mint green pile and dark brown backing...reminds me so much of Lindt's after dinner mints which I couldn't stop thinking about while making him..hence his name :-)

For more details and photos of Mint, please visit his webpage, he's now ready for adoption and is looking for a home. In the next few days, I'll be working hard to bring you more anime bears and bunnies!! Have a fab weekend everyone!


  1. I'm in love!!! It's sooooo cute (again :D)! Really brilliant!!!


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