Saturday lunch at St Ali

This weekend I finally lunched at a cafe which I'd once discovered by wandering the streets, lost it again because I couldn't remember where it was exactly and didn't know its name and eventually after 3 years of searching, miraculously found it again by chit chat! If you like to know more about this little gem of a cafe in South Melbourne, I've recorded in on my jenny loves to eat blog. Hope you enjoy the weekend as much I did mine :D


  1. Looks yummy....boy South Melbourne must have changed since I worked there about 15 years ago...nothing but topless bars!
    Just thought you might like a peep at my little chickadee. I bought the kit from you a little while back. such a well put together kit and instructions. I did everything as you wrote! She is finished now, complete with rosy cheeks. In the spare time from making my own I still make up a few more head scarfs for her!
    Great fun and I learnt a great deal..thank you

  2. Hi Grace! South Melbourne have and still undergoing a big re-vamp and lots have changed even in the last 4 years I've been here, especially at the South Melbourne market.
    Thank you so much for your blog post and I'm so glad you had a good time making your Doris, she's a cutie :D
    ps. I love your creations, they're so colourful and full of characters!


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