Here's a sneak peek of my new LARGE chickadees "BUMP" and "FLOP"!! LOL
I'm so excited about how they've turned out and am really happy with them, hope you are too!
Bump (named by DH) and Flop are approximately 25cm/10inches from their bump to their feet! tee hee...more photos will be available shortly as I better get to the post office before it closes for the weekend. They will be will listed in my shop when I return. Bump and Flop are now ready for adoption from my shoppe and there are also lots of photos to make you smile! :D


  1. yay they are so adorable! like always! Man you are sooooo very talented.. Ah They're all so cute! I wish I could afford one right now... or at least make one lol ^_____^ Even a mini version ^^

  2. Bump and Flop are so adorable...I could just eat them up! Your pictures are always perfection!I can't wait to see more pictures of these sweeties!
    Bramblewood Bears

  3. They're adorable, as are their names too :D
    I'm really looking forward to seeing more photos of this super cute duo.


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