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Yesterday was such a beautiful Spring was sunny and warm, very much what my body needed after what seemed like a very very long Winter! In the afternoon Jenny bear decided to hold a little indoor tea party...right beside my big windows so we could all take in the sun and in the comforts of our home....the only thing missing are the cupcakes Jenny bear complained...mummy ate all the cupcakes!!!! hehe

Am so excited that jennylovesbenny's bear family group is constantly seeing new members joining and photos are gradually being loaded and shared. There's so much activity already and it's only been the second day! :D Jenny bear is having such fun on her fb page too...she now wants me to create jlb gifts so that she can send jlb bears to all her friends...rolling my eyes and taking a big sigh...want want want...I think I've created a monster! lol

Instead of logging in each time, I decided to create a button for all members..
Here is a little button I made for our bear family group, you can copy and paste the html code below to add to your blog or website so with a click of a button, you're there!
Hope you like it! :D

jennylovesbenny bears


  1. I adore your bears and your artistry so much! I am adding your html to my blog site : ) and will also look you up on facebook so we can be friends there too! Your bears are so wonderfully innocent and playful...just so childlike. I especially love the ones with the pink cheeks and freckles.
    Warmest Blessings and Bear Hugs,
    Bramblewood Bears

  2. Gorgeous Jenny! I've opened a Facebook account specially. Just need to get it sorted out and i'll be with you. I'm up to my eyes in jam-making at the moment! Hugs, Lynda


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