Monday, 28 November 2011

❤ Walter's garden ❤

 ahh....I just LOVE Spring time.  The gardens are full of colour with flowers in full bloom and sweet scents of their perfume in the air.  Though I've never been a big fan of petunias, because I have to replace them each year, mum convinced me that these cascading petunia's (which she potted) would look fabulous on my balcony once they are in full bloom.  Each year, it's been such a struggle to grow anything on my balcony, too hot, too sunny, too windy...and for me too much work! tee hee.  I'm what my mum would call a lazy gardener, someone who wants their garden to look nice, expect plants to just grow like 'now' without having to put in the hard work. and no patients!  "But to make anything beautiful, one must put in the hard work and have patients" explains old wise one! ;P
Of course, not always but in this instance, she was right.  It was her hard work and guidance that these flowers are looking so beautiful.  I do love how the cascade of petunia's make me feel every time I set my eyes upon them.   It's relaxing and they make me happy but also with a tinge of sadness and heavy heart. I only wished my Walter was still with us as I'd wanted to create a beautiful balcony garden for him.  My balcony garden is still not complete but I know he would have loved it the way it is now...   
From this...
to this...
 to this and above (first pic)

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