Tuesday, 29 March 2016

it's a chocolates fest 🍫🐰

As if four days of stuffing our faces with chocolate eggs weren't enough, my besty suggested we spent Easter Monday visiting the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery!! 🍫🍦

Never listen to a preggy chocoholic and her cravings I say but yes, I know, I didn't put up much of a fight but jumped at the great suggestion! LOL 

It was such a beautiful day and a lovely day for a drive and picnic...

Here we are...

Awesome Giant Easter Bunny ~ try getting your teeth into that!

or how about this 1kg mega bar??

Easter bunnies and eggs...all discounted!

There was even an Easter egg hunt Friday, Saturday and Sunday! what fun!

This year's Easter creations ~ how cute are they!!! eeeeeee

I remember these as a kid..don't think they were this big back then!

of course there's chocolates for the adults too..

such selections..

way too many choices, maybe one of each?

great view for a picnic with our bags of chocolate and ice cream!

could have fallen asleep basking in the sunshine on the hill...ahhhhh can you hear me relaxing!? 😎

If you're ever down this way or visiting Australia, this is definitely one place to visit. http://www.yvci.com.au

Have I tickled your chocolate craving again? hehe..

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!  let the chocolate detox begin! please...

Sunday, 27 March 2016

sweet treats! πŸŽ€πŸ’

As I woke up this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find this...

and this..

and as I walk down the stairs,  I see this..

and this...

and this..

and this..

as I turn around I see this...

and Totoro and his crew happily sleeping with this...

My little 5 year old had left a trail of chocolate eggs and bunnies for me to find.  Though they were the eggs he had found during our multiple Easter Egg hunts, he wasn't keen to scoff them down but I think the hiding and seeking was much more fun for him.   What a delightful morning I've had and I feel so blessed!  I hope you're enjoying your Easter and of course those chocolate eggs! ☺️

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Easter Fever...?

It's Easter fever I say, the supermarket shelves are stockpiled with chocolate rabbits and eggs, not to mention the Easter egg hunts which has already began and more are yet to come!  I can't help but have bunnies popping up all over in my head hence, it was inevitable my new creation will be of course .. an Anime Bunny! πŸ°πŸ‡

I'm so excited to introduce to you "Pippy".. ( named by Daniel )

It's the first time I've put my anime bunny in a dress but I quite like it and I must admit, I always have so much fun dressing them. πŸ‘—πŸ˜Š  The weather is getting cold so I felt that a scarf was required especially since Pippy enjoys her time out in the garden. 🌻 I hope you like my new creation.  Pippy is now available from my Etsy shop.

I'm off to another egg hunt...let's hope I don't pick up last years egg! 😳


Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dinosaurs ROAR!

I'm a girly girl, I like pink, glitter, fairies, cutesy anything, sugar and spice, the lot!     Don't you agree?  The dynamics of having a little boy really changes a lot for a girly girl like me, especially when this little boy LOVES Thomas the train, cars, legos, transformers and DINOSAURS!!!!  Which little boy doesn't right?

As Daniel's birthday was fast approaching, he really wanted at first a Transformer Optimus Prime cake and like most good mums would do trying to please and give everything our little ones heart desires, I researched how to make an Optimus Prime cake..there are some really good ones out there.  This one took the cake! check this out...

Well, I wasn't about to top that especially when I've never fondant a cake before but a few design ideas did came to mind.  I searched online for Autobot cookie cutters, spent 5 hours looking on youtube learning how to cover cakes using fondant.  Just a week before the big day,  Daniel decided he wanted a Dinosaur cake instead! 😱 So back to the drawing board, I started looking for dinosaur cutters instead and  began redesigning the cake.  Thankfully the 5 hour lessons on youtube wasn't a complete waste of time.

We sat down together and I had all these ideas of how I was going to decorate the cake but before I could even pick up a colouring pen, I was told to draw a blue cake with chocolate dinosaurs, he wanted a dark blue number 5 candle, a ROAR sign and Happy Birthday bunting!! The boy knows what he wants! Five minutes later, we got ourselves a sketch of his Dinosaur cake design...

We went from this...

to this...

I must say, I'm pretty happy and relieved (phew) with the result, especially for a first timer and more importantly, Daniel was wrapped!  Best of all, it was delicious too! πŸ˜‹  The recipe is from a friend who made the cake for me once and it had stuck with me as one of the nicest chocolate cakes I've tasted.  I'll like to share her recipe with you, she said it's foolproof... 😜

Brigitte's Special Chocky Cake:

2C plain flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/3 tsp baking soda
3/4C cocoa
2C sugar
120g melted butter
2 beaten eggs
1C milk
1C coffee (liquid) - I omitted this since it was a kids bday cake ~ still tasted delish!
1 tbsp vanilla essence

Preheat oven 180C
Place dry ingredients in bowl.
Add remaining wet ingredients - I do all the warm ingredients first, i.e. melted butter, coffee, then milk, eggs and essence. That way the mixture doesn't go lumpy. The mixture should be super slushy ; )
Pour in large cake tin, bake about 45mins.

*You can make muffins with this recipe. Also, I tend to only put 1 3/4C sugar instead of 2C cos I add real chocolate icing.  

*Chocolate icing is half chocolate, half unsalted butter e.g 125g each and melt. The chocolate the kids like is the Whittaker's 50% cocoa.



Thursday, 3 March 2016

Where does the time go...

Hi All,

For the past 5 years I've often find myself thinking "where has the time gone?" or constantly saying how "time flies"! Is it just me?  I have to say, as pleasurable as motherhood can be, it is not without its challengers and the biggest one of all is TIME!! it is constantly getting away from me...tick tock tick tock ⏰⏲πŸ•°

I just checked into my blog and noticed how long I've been away...last post "May 2015"!!! really?
Something has to be done about this and today, its so happened to be my unexpected day off as I have a painter here to pain my newly installed door and I'm happily stuck at home to house sit! :)

I decided that it was time to make a break and a fresh start. (I can do that now since my little boy has started kindy and I have a little more time than before).

To mark a new beginning of a return, you've probably noticed, I have given my blog a fresh new look. 🌸🌸🌸
Though I do have a little more time (and energy) than before, to save time, I will be merging my JennyBear, JennyLovesToEat and JennyLovesBenny blogs together so that I do no need to manage all three.

I'm much looking forward to being back, thank you for sticking around! 😊