I'm late I'm late!!

Once again, time has escaped me and I didn't manage to blog about my tea party at the Hatter and The Hare as promised.

I've been wanting to visit The Hatter and The Hare since it opened early this year and last week, I finally did! Yeah!!

Belle and Pink Ted came with me too....we were very excited all week, such anticipation was intoxicating!!  Belle couldn't decide on what to wear but it was obvious she should wear her Bunny Dress and head piece.

Although it was a weekday,  parking space was limited and a little difficult to find.  Nevertheless, we finally parked and headed into this delightful looking cafe amongst local factories and businesses.    The cafe stuck up like a sore thumb and totally out of place in a very good way! 

We were greeted by the Hare at the front counter and also friendly staff. I couldn't help but feast my eyes on the cabinet of sweets, my head swung around like a magnet so drawn to them as the waiter showed us to our table...I'm sure I'm not the only one who's done that!

Here's a selection I quickly snapped with my phone.  I thought these were quite interesting!! How delightful are they!!?? 

We started with savouries..yes, they do breakfast all day and have cooked meals too besides sweets.  I ordered the Hatter's Big Breakfast, it was delicious but only thing missing was bacon, I couldn't even order it on the side..for some reason, they don't serve bacon!?  Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it very much.

I was rather full after the Hatter's breakfast but I couldn't leave there without having dessert..afterall that's the reason we were there.  So, I stretched the elastic of my pants and headed to the cakes cabinet.  Decisions!!  decisions!! decisions!!!  You can imagine my dilemma!?

Finally, we settled for the Macha (green tea) cake, Natella brownie, Macha latte and Earl grey tea to help the sugar go down!

I think Belle rather enjoyed it too...she couldn't stand after taking a few mouthfuls...! ops oh right, that was me! lol

Oh and I must mention...the waiter brought out a dish two tables down from us.  He started pouring something (dry ice I gather) onto the plate and poof...the table was covered in fog!!?  It was WOAHHHH....

Needless to say, everyone turned to look and started taking photos and videos! Yes,  I have to put my hands up to that too! hahhaaa

Well I have to say, I had a very enjoyable brunch at the Hatter besides the great company of course.  
The sweets were certainly special,  I couldn't say I've had anything like it anywhere else before and I have a very sweet tooth!!! The cakes were all quite original and very creative! I like! :D

And of course, I couldn't go home without taking a piece or two home for D and hubby.  After much deliberation, I chose a French Vanilla slice and a Tiramisu cake since they were hubby's favourites. :D

The box is now empty, it didn't make it long after it got home.  The vanilla slice was MMMMmmmmm mmmmm...I LOVE my vanilla slice too but this one, there's an ingredient in there both hubby and I couldn't pick out but it really made a nice difference.  The Tiramisu cake (right) doesn't look much but again, it was a little slice of heaven.  I'm not even going to try to describe what it tastes like, I can't, you'll just have to go EAT it yourself! :D

So if you're travelling to Melbourne or in Melbourne and haven't been to the Hatter and the Hare yet, take a trip to Bayswater, I hope you have a pleasant experience there as I did.

To visit here is their link: http://hhcafe.com.au