tiny treasured moments are made of these...

I'm not sure if it's a boy thing, but it's always been difficult to get my boy to sit and draw or colour.  He just doesn't have the patience for it, however he can sit for hours on end building a lego set.  Just after he turned 5, he built the Millennium Falcon which comprised of over 1000 pieces in two days.  Morning till evening he sat at his lego table building and I've had to coaxed him to take a break by letting him watch tv! hehe

Friday night,  he showed an interest to do some colouring but like usual, after a few scribbles, he's over it.   I decided to do some colouring with him so I took out my "Secret Garden" colouring book and started to colour next to him.  

We spent about an hour colouring together and he actually finished the whole page which he's never done before.  

I guess, it's not because he doesn't like to colour, he just doesn't like to colour on his own...

This morning,  he asked to colour with me again so this weekend I've decided not to do any sewing or chores and instead spend the weekend colouring with D.  I know these moments don't last.

Hope your days are filled with many tiny treasured moments.
Have a blessed Sunday to you and yours.