It's a Yuzu elephant cub!

OH DEAR!!  I've totally forgotten to tell you about my Yellow Yuzu elephant cub...

"Yuzu" - meaning Japanese Lemon 🍋 not at all sour but super sweet!! Lol

This is a new pattern and is slightly smaller than my Trumpet pattern. 
This is the last of the Ellies made from this mohair as I have no more of this fabric left.

Here are some details of Yuzu:

Fur: yellow Japanese mohair coat.
Inner Ears and footpads: cutesy Japanese fabrics 
Size: approximately 15cm tall
Joints: 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints.
Eyes: Black English glass eyes.

Yuzu is filled with quality dense polyflock. His feet also contains stainless steel shots to give him more weight so that he won't tumble over while sitting and of course he comes with big rosy cheeks!! :D

Yuzu is now waiting for adoption and looking for a new forever home at my Etsy shop, please click on the link to take you there: