Moving with the digital world...

I thought I'll have more time on my hands as my boy gets older but it seems, I need to pay even more attention now that he can form coherent and articulated sentences and have a mind of his own!  When did this baby become a little person??

JLB has certainly taken a back seat since Daniel was born and whilst I've seriously considered shutting JLB down on numerous occasions and just focus on my boy, I find it extremely difficult to give it up.  While Daniel is and always will be my No.1 priority I will endeavor to work hard and keep JLB going as long as people are still wanting to adopt my furry babies and dolls and are still enjoying my patterns to create their own beloved bears and furry friends.

JLB's website will be going through a revamp in the coming months and moving forward with the digital world, hard copies of my patterns will no longer be available from the website except when they are purchased with the kit.  There's still time to get your hard copies, the website will be done in stages and the site will still be up and running but I do apologies beforehand for any interruptions it may cause.

Happy Sewing!


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