Thursday, 6 March 2008

Updates from Phil and Sue aka Ying Ying

Hi there Jenny, I know i promised these a long time ago, have finally got them on my pc, its bad how we leave digital photos on cameras etc forever. My brother phil and his wife sue were so pleased with their bears, so here are the pictures of them together. The bears are living in middlesex with the happy couple. Many Thanks Karen

Scarlet aka Precious update

Hi Jenny,

Precious has had a very big day out today. I entered her into the Lawnton Doll & Bear show in the Dressed Bear competition. She wasn't in the comp - but was a clothes horse for the outfit that I made hence her catagory - Dressed Bear. She looked simply gorgeous. I had to show you the outfit on her. I know you have stated previously that you don't normally like dressed bears, but seeing as she is special to you too, I thought that you might like to see her. I named the outfit Sunday Best. I love making outfits for dolls and bears, and she showed this one off to perfection. She will slip back into her 'scarlet' outfit tonight for a very well deserved rest.

Kindest regards,