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#Throwback : Ellaeddyf ...a forest elf! ✨🧚‍♂️

I absolutely love fairies and elves, that's what magic is made of!!  As a child, I'd always wish I could see them and as an adult, a big part of me wish they're real! How wonderful would that be!!? Well, I finally made my first elfin.   Please meet “Ellaeddyf”!  I'm super pleased with how she's turned out.   Ellaeddyf is a gentle soul. sweet and kind.  An elf of her kind is usually an introvert, one whom goes about their own business and keeping separate the two worlds between man and elves.  This little one however, has a curious mind and a tad of a playful nature.  When she manages to sneak out of her realm, as light as a feather, she glides amongst the ancient trees, peeping through the leaves in camouflage; spying on the children in the forest playing their funny games, so desperately wanting to join in the laughter and fun...she finds them to be such a delight!! # Ellaeddyf   will be available for adoption today  has now found a new home in sunny Queensland and

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