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simple pleasures ~ the present!

It was nIce way to end the day today.  Melbourne has been so cold lately despite it being Spring but today, the weather was just beautiful.  I spent most of the day taking turns doing house chores, working on JLB and spending time with my boy playing pole tennis in the garden.  By the time hubby got home, I was too beat to make dinner and so we ordered pizza πŸ•to take away and ate at the beach on the back of hubby's Ute, watching the sunset... 

The best thing though was when I asked my 7y.o boy “what was the best thing about today?” His reply..”now, right now, the present!”  ...
he left me breathless...sunset will never be the same for me again :D I hope your evening was as beautiful as I'd experience tonight. ❤️❤️❤️ 

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