Monday, 31 August 2009

finally..a new pattern!

Am terribly sorry for the delay. I think I may need to hold off custom orders for a short time so that I can create more patterns and concentrate on new designs. Here is Twinkee Rabbit's patterns and kits. Now available from my shop! :D

Sunday, 30 August 2009

A Message from MINT...

Hi All, I'm going to Austria!!! I've just been adopted and I'm so excited! I even have a photo of my siblings...Jaime and Jaime. Jaime (left) is created by my new mummy from the same pattern as me!!! I just know I'm going to be very happy with my new family and I even get to sleep on the bed my new mummy says!! Yippee

Thank you Judith, jamie and jamie for sharing these beautiful photos and for giving Mint a new home, as you can see, he's over the moon and won't be able to sleep tonight..which means he's going to keep Walter up all night...someone's going to be a grumpy puppy in the morning! hehe

Saturday, 29 August 2009

An oldie but still a favourite!

I've been feeling rather slack this week but after a few days out catching up with friends and taking a short break, I'm back on the saddle again and ready for the weekend! :D
This morning, I finished knitting a scarf for my new friend "Mint"!! Mint is created from my Scooter pattern, an earlier design of mine but still one of my favourites.
Mint wears beautiful sparse mohair with a mint green pile and dark brown backing...reminds me so much of Lindt's after dinner mints which I couldn't stop thinking about while making him..hence his name :-)

For more details and photos of Mint, please visit his webpage, he's now ready for adoption and is looking for a home. In the next few days, I'll be working hard to bring you more anime bears and bunnies!! Have a fab weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Thought I'd better work on this and get it done while I remembered since time has been flying by so quickly...can you believe it's almost September already!!??? Well Mineko and Puchi are the new faces for September '09 and they will welcome you to the new month approaching...September's wallpaper is now ready for download, just click here! Hope you have a great month ahead!! :D

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Mineko and Puchi

I've been so excited about Mineko and Puchi for the past two weeks and have been so eager to bring them to life!!! I couldn't stand not having them completed any longer and last night, I burnt the midnight oil so that I will have great light this morning to take lots of photos of them before the forecasted storm clouds up my windows.
Am delighted to introduce to my new little girl "Mineko" and "Puchi"!!!

Mineko is approximately 26cm/10.5 inches tall and is created from quality Shulte sparse mohair with a fawn colour pile on strong backing. Mineko is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints and have large black German glass eyes. I've given her a little dark brown embroidered nose and lightly shaded her rosy cheeks in pink.

Mineko is a weighty medium size bear, filled with quality polyflock stuffing and her feet also contains stainless steel shots to help her stand on her own. With a little initial help, she'll be able to stand very comfortably so that she can show off her pretty yukata (summer kimono) I'd especially designed and made for her.

I've made Mineko's yukata from really cute Japanese fabric. It is fully lined and just like patchwork, I'd hand stitched all the panels together. I wanted to make this yukata to be removable along with the Obi (belt) so that this new bear can play dress up!! :D
*Although the obi and yukata are removable, just like wearing a real kimono, it is not easy to put on therefore, I don't recommend you undress her unless you are familiar with putting on a kimono.

I also made Mineko a little puppy of her own...Puchi is 10cm/4 inches tall and has a lovely brown colour coat. Her feet and tummy contains stainless steel shots to give her weight so she won't topple over when playing with Mineko! They are an inseparable pair just like Walter and me!

Mineko and Puchi have found a home and are now living in Notthinghamshire, UK. are both ready for adopting from my shop and lots and lots of photos of Mineko and Puchi can be seen there too! Have a fabulous day, I'm staying in waiting for the strong winds to settle...

Monday, 24 August 2009

a Kimono for my Mineko cont...

Am so excited yet frustrated at the same time. Just when I need hooks, I'm out of them and had to rush out to get more so that I can finish my yukata for Mineko!
As promised, here is a snippet of her dressed in her yukata and I've created a removable obi for her. Tonight, I'm going to finish her little pet...fingers crossed she'll be ready for tomorrow!! :D

it's a teddy fair!

** Annual Teddy Bear Fair in SOUTH AFRICA **
Honeydew Bears in South Africa supports the Teddy Bear Clinic for abused children, an event of a teddy bear fair is held every year in Northcliff. Members from teddy bear clinic will be on hand at the show as well. Please help support them :0)

Date : Saturday 5 September
Venue : Berario Recreation centre
Dolores street

Doors open at 9:00am till 3:00pm

This event is a real Mecca for the Teddy enthusiast. Everything under the sun to do with teddies. Ready made bears, collectable bears, antique bears, clay bears, DIY kits, mohair, teddy clothing, Artist bears, teddy bear books, accessories for your teddy and so much more. Lots to see and do.
Light refreshments available to purchase and FREE Entrance!!
For more information, you can contact Michelle of Honeydew bears on (011) 764-4317. Michelle will have all my JLB patterns and kits with her at the fair too. Don't be shy to stop by and say 'Hi', she'll be happy to help you with all your teddy bear making needs :-)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

a Kimono for my Mineko

Am really excited about a new set of bears I'm currently working on.
I've spent this weekend making a Yukata for the new bear. I've decided to fully line the yukata and just like patchwork, I'd hand stitched all the panels together. I wanted to make this yukata to be removable along with the Obi so that this new bear can play dress up!! :D
Mineko and her little pet is not ready yet but promise I'll update you her progress here.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

sneak peek bunnies

Today I managed to finished two anime bunnies....Mayu and Saika.
They are now available for adoption from my shop! :D

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Please meet MINA-chan, my latest little girl in her Japanese rabbit print pillowcase dress.
Mina-chan has floppy legs that dangles when you pick her up and give her cuddles. You can probably guess how much I love the Japanese fabric prints....Mina-chan has strawberry print inner ears and footpads which looks great with her natural white fur. Mina is now ready for adoption. You can adopt them directly from my shop. Have a fabulous Tuesday! :D

Monday, 17 August 2009

Durian cream puffs

durian-choux by you.
okay, not quite the croquembouche I'd wanted to make but I think this was a great recipe for someone like me who's never made choux pastry before. I've loved cream puffs ever since I first tasted them in Japan and although we have chocolate coated, custard filled profiteroles in Australia, nothing beats the cream puffs from Japan! Every visit to Japan always ends up with me eating 1/2 dozen cream puffs on the bed in the hotel room after my long day of sightseeing and of course a few kg heavier! lol

I was thrilled when the Japanese franchise Beard Papa opened up in Melbourne city however although the cream puffs are pretty good, I was a little disappointed because it's not as yummy as what you get in Japan...maybe it's the ingredients used, the milk there does taste different and nicer over there.

Why haven't I made cream puffs before? The thought of it was very daunting and I didn't want to destroy my love of cream puffs with my disastrous attempt of creating perfection for myself!
Why now? A greedy appetite knows no fear! LOL

If you like try my cream puffs with Durian and cream filling, the recipe is here. Hope you like it!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Chibi and her forever loyal teddy bear...

This bear has been in the making for about two weeks and I'm so thrilled to have finally finished my "Chibi"! Chibi loves wearing her cute nightie that I made for her and lives in it night and day! She also has her forever loyal teddy bear whom she drags along wherever she goes. Chibi won't go anywhere without her "Teddy" :D
Chibi and her teddy bear are now living in Singapore. looking for a new home. You can adopt them directly from my shop.

Treasury :: TOO BEAUTIFUL!!

Momoko and Miffy have just been featured in these two beeeeuuutiiful treasuries created by Maria of HeartshapedCreations who makes very cute clay creations made from the heart and Chyrl of Chyrls who makes gorgeous origami handcrafted cards, stationery and gifts. Chryl have just opened her new shop mycolette and for her grand opening she's offering - FREE SHIPPING STOREWIDE! Must check that out!!

Here is a sneak peek of their wonderful creations:

Shop:: HeartshapedCreations

Shop:: Chyrls

Thank you so much Chyrls and Maria for including my bears in your beautiful treasury!!! :D

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Treasury :: Bear is Beautiful

My bears and bunnies have been very fortunate lately to be featured often in Etsy's treasuries.
Here's another one of Momoko and her little Princess in this lovely "Bear is Beautiful" treasury amongst many adorable artist bears. The gorgeous treasury is created by Abi of AnAngelAtMyTable. Please take a look at Abi's shop, it's just beautiful and I've always admired her creations. Here is a snippet for you :D

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

twinkee rabbit

A new addition to the twinkee keyrings is my twinkee rabbit keyring! :D
Last time when I made a batch of twinkee keyrings, I made one bunny keyring and she seemed to be quite loved and requests for more have been received. White twinkee rabbit keyring will be listed on my website tomorrow, please email me if you wish to reserve her. Twinkee Rabbit is now reserved for Marianne. I'll be creating twinkee rabbit's pattern also so you too can make your own twinkee rabbit keyrings. Will update once the twinkee rabbit and her pattern is ready and listed in my shop.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Treasury :: Pistachio and sky blue...

Yeah, Pistachio made it to a "Pistachio" treasury!! lol
Thank you Shay of simplydoodles for creating such a beautiful treasury.
I really do love this colour green, it always puts me in a calm mood :-)

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Lunch and the City!

The weather is starting to warm up and it was bright and sunny this morning when we woke. Had planned on going for a drive but couldn't decide where so DH suggested lunch in the city.
Come join me for sushi and little cupcakes! Click here :D

Friday, 7 August 2009


Hope you're not sick of my large anime bears yet as I have another one waiting for adoption in my shop...her name is "PEACHES".
If you like to make your own Peaches, she is created from my large anime pattern and the mohair used is the "peach candy floss" kid mohair. Thank you for dropping by and HAPPY FRIDAY!! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND! ^_____^


I'm currently holding 2 x KENSINGTON TEDDY FAIR TICKETS and am offering them for FREE for anyone who is interested in going. The event is held on the 13th of September at the Kensington Town Hall - Hornton St, London. This is the teddy fair that inspired JLB to come alive...certainly one of the best and largest Teddy fairs in the world and not to be missed if you're a teddy collector or just loves artist bears. Drop me an email with your address if you would like them; don't be shy!! First come first served! ^_^ - tickets are now reserved for Alison (UK). Hope you have a ball at the fair!!! you lucky gal!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Here is 4 new mohair added to my collection. The top two are the most luxurious curly mohair any bear can wear, it's just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't have many of each, just a small collection and they've all just been listed in my mohair shop, please don't forget to refresh your browser. If you wish for a smaller piece that's no problem at all...just drop me an email :D


At 9.45pm I thought I'll go take a peek at the Etsy treasury, it's been a long time since I thought of creating one because I could never get a spot due to the time difference between Australia and the US. To my surprise, it was sitting on 333..I was rather excited until I saw that it was another 4 hours before the next one was available...doing some quick finger calculations, I was going to have to stay up till 2.45am to snag one!! Once I made up my mind, there was no turning I kept busy till just one minute before 2.45 and had my index finger on the mouse and ready to click on the available box as soon as it appears. I even starting to count to 60 when I saw it had 1 minute left but that didn't do any good, I was too eager and counted way too fast! tee heee.

Anyway, I should wrap this up as I'm probably not making a lot of sense right now because my eyes are getting rather fuzzy and am about to hit my head on my imac...hmm..perhaps that's why the words are getting bigger!

Please check out my "It's so pretty!" treasury -
Hope you like my selection :D
nite nite...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Am so happy to have my camera back, it was just as bad as not having internet!! It's unbelievable how we've become so dependent on technology in such a short span of time. Anyway, I'm happy happy happy now and am able to show you my newly completed large POWDER PUFF girl. Powderpuff is now available for adoption from my shop.
You can also make your own Powderpuff. She was created from my large anime pattern and the mohair used is the Cherry Blossom Pink - 16 mm pile alpaca.
Thank you for dropping by :D

Monday, 3 August 2009

craving for Chocolate Roulade...

I had such a craving for chocolate roulade last week which made it difficult for me to focus on my bears. It was pointless trying to push the craving back, my mouth was salivating at the thought of eating it! lol No more sewing was going to get done so I dropped my needles and scissors and headed to the kitchen to make my chocolate roulade!! Despite the strong craving from earlier on, when I finished baking and decorating the cake, I was too full from the process and didn't eat a slice until I got back from a 1 hour walk with Walter.

This was my first attempt at this recipe and I thought it turned out rather well if I must say so myself! lol It tasted just like something purchased from a cake cafe but fresher :D Next time, instead of the dark chocolate topping, I'm going to try spreading it with chocolate ganache, think this will taste even better...if you like to give this a try, here's the recipe. Enjoy :D


I can't explain how elated I get when I see a large package waiting for me in the mail room, especially knowing it's more mohair to play with! :D
My mohair shop have just been stocked up with some old favourites such as the cherry blossom pink as shown in photo. While I have some new mohair to add to my collection, I'll have to wait till Wednesday before I can show you because my camera is currently getting a good cleaned for the first time in 5 years! The mohair comes in 1/4m size unless specified however, if you wish for a smaller piece that's no problem at all...just drop me an email :D

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Saturday lunch at St Ali

This weekend I finally lunched at a cafe which I'd once discovered by wandering the streets, lost it again because I couldn't remember where it was exactly and didn't know its name and eventually after 3 years of searching, miraculously found it again by chit chat! If you like to know more about this little gem of a cafe in South Melbourne, I've recorded in on my jenny loves to eat blog. Hope you enjoy the weekend as much I did mine :D

more newbies...

I'm on a roll and more favourites from the recent poll is still yet to come. For now, please meet my new baby chickadee Rose..named after her bright pink rosy cheeks!! :D As you can see Clementine is already smitten by her! lol Rose is now available for adoption from my shop.
As I don't have a camera in the next couple of days since I've just dropped it off at the camera shop to get it cleaned I won't have any thing new to show you until Wednesday but that doesn't mean I won't be busy sewing! There's a special bear eager and waiting to be born, can't wait to show you when she's done and I get my camera back! TTFN :D

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sweet Clementine...

You've probably noticed that I've been on a little break and have not had a new bear all week. I did have a few bears cut out and last night managed to finished an elephant...Please meet my Sweet Clementine. He's now waiting for adoption and his complete kit also available from my shop :D