Tuesday, 31 March 2009

tis was a nice break

Thank you for your welcome back emails!! I had a good rest and am all inspired again for some new designs which I can't wait to start making. Thank you for your patience, all the items purchased while I was away have now been processed and sent.
Here are some photos of my trip away, hope you enjoy them :D

A nice welcome from a little Echidna walking along the road when we arrived.

Smart little cookie pulls over to let the cars pass! tee hee

our cabin ~ no internet, no tv, no phone...just a nice open fire to entertain us :D

walks around the lake..

enjoying the fauna and flora along the way...

Mr. Wombat too busy eating to allow us to take photo of his beautiful face.

Wallabies bidding us farewell...

A walk along the enchanted trail

The Enchanted walk through the rain forest made my imagination bouncing off the walls and cuckoo radar soaring...

It was so peaceful here, we thought we could hear voices even though there was no one else about...it must've been the fairies

I saw Mrs. Wallaby preparing dinner in the kitchen and Mr. Wallaby is dozing off in front of the fire while the kids were out playing spot the human...

I'm sure someone lives here too...

Monday, 30 March 2009

The Promised Land

Would you believe I stumbled upon the "Promised Land"?
It's TRUE!!!! It is located on that tiny island below the big land mass of Australia called Tasmania, along the C140 from Cradle Mt. to Sheffield.

In Promised Land lies the Village of Lower Crackpot!
A whimsical little village surrounded by many mazes and one must be able to get through the Great Maze to enter. The villagers live in very colourful and very imaginative houses. In the middle of the village, lo and behold sticking out from a rock was the Great Sword of Crackpot! lol
To my delight, I even came across the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but sadly was not able to carry it home with me. I also spotted the Fountain of Youth! You betcha I took a big gulp of that good stuff!! haha

Now I know you're going to have a hard time believing me when I tell you this is where the three little bears live. Their not so little cottage is hidden right in the middle of The Great Maze. It was such a welcoming sight when I saw the edge of the yellow house sticking out from the hedges as it had taken me over an hour to find it! It even started to rain while I was lost in the maze. I took a peak inside their cottage and saw the three bears eating their porridge...with my own eyes!! :D

The Three Bears cottage


Walking along the Balance Maze to enter the Village

wow.....magic mushrooms grow in Promised Land

Even a cup of coffee is fun at the Village of Lower Crackpot!

My favorite house in the village ~ located along the Yellow Brick Road Maze!

The scents of lavender envelopes the Village of Lower Crackpot

Whimsical homes in the Village of Lower Crackpot

The Sword of Lower Crackpot!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Yoko is Miss April 2009

bet you thought I'd forgotten about April's wallpaper since I've gone on my mini-break haven't you?? Good thing for scheduling...I managed to finish this just before I left.
*Yoko* is jennylovesbenny's Miss April! lol To download, click here!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

last orders...

Am processing all orders received today for my postal run tomorrow.
I will be away for a mini break from March 24th and will be back on the 29th of March. Please feel free to browse my website and visit my bears while I'm away. I will be working right up till the 23rd and any items with payments received and cleared BEFORE 12.00 noon EST on Mar 23rd will be processed and shipped on that same day. Any items with payments received AFTER that will be processed and shipped on the 30th.

As mentioned earlier, I will be taking my laptop with me and will try to log in as often as possible however, there may be limited internet access so please pardon me if I don't reply to your emails promptly. If that should happen, I will log on and check my mail as soon as I return home. I'll be back before you know! :D

Friday, 20 March 2009

easter bunnies are coming...

and so are the little chicks!!! I know I'm a bit slow when it comes to making bears to celebrate the seasons but I'm on to it right now!! I have some chickadees and anime bunnies, hopefully ready and available for adoption just before I take my short break...guess what I'll be doing this weekend?? Hope you have a good one! :D

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

wait for mummy!!

Am just winding down with a cup of coffee (with a touch of Baileys) after the 5km walk with Walter around the Albert park lake...not sure what it is exactly but it was so beautiful out today, more so than other days. During my hour walk, I couldn't help but kept thinking repeatedly how beautiful it is...perhaps it was the many colours that reflected off the calmness of the lake or the gentle breeze that brushed past us or perhaps the combination of both and much more! I do enjoy our walks, it's a pleasant end to the day before evening comes. Walter's a happy puppy and I'm an exhausted mummy! :-)
Have a good evening everyone :D

*TKW* stands for Twinkee Keyring Wristlet

They've just been listed!!

twinkee keyring wristlets..

Twinkee keyring wristlets...man that's a mouthful! lol
I've had a few requests to make more of my twinkee keyrings and so I started making more..
but they are not only keyrings, these ones are also wristlets to be worn on your wrist...you know, for those times where you need both hands but need to have the keys handy??!!
Will list them on my website shortly, must take Walter out for his walkies before I go crazy with him sitting, staring and whining in front of me...tee hee

Monday, 16 March 2009


Have been feeling a little slack the past few days, partly because I feel a bit worn down from the large custom order and partly due of the changing weather which is turning cold! brrrrr....
However, I've never been the type of person who can just sit and not do something so it was natural for me to start cutting and make a new bear. Am so glad I did because to me timing is everything and I'm really please with how my new little girl turned out. Please meet Yoko! Am in the process of taking more photos and will be listing her on my website shortly Yoko is now living in Singapore! ready for adoption directly from my website!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

I almost forgot how beautiful rain is...

It's been a long time since I last heard the pitter patter of rain bucketing down outside my balcony or the last time my windows got splashed by the rain...we've had such a long drought for the past 4 years in Melbourne, our reservoirs are extremely low, our gardens are drying up and it's resulted in one of the worst fires...we've had small spurts of rain the last couple of weeks only lasting about 30mins but today, we have thunder storms!!! It's been forecasted to rain all day!
I almost forgot how beautiful rain is...

here is a photo of my maple tree getting a drink...the leaves have wilted from the recent 40+ degree heat.

Friday, 13 March 2009

my new addiction?

I always knew it would take another addiction to take me away from my bears...
Since I made a bag to carry my parcels to the post office with a few days ago I've not stopped thinking about making another bag and whoa la!!! I love this Japanese fabric that I'd use for Kuniko's kimono and since I was not going to use this fabric again to make another kimono, I thought it would make a lovely casual bag....I love how it turned out but shhhhhhhh.....it's really for a friend who's feeling a tad down at the moment.

Popa and Bobin are together again...

After an exhaustive four weeks for Bobin without his papa, Bobin has finally returned from his photo shoot for the Australian Bear Creations magazine. I've offered Bobin's pattern for one of the projects but am yet to find out which volume he will be featured in. Will keep you posted here...now Popa and Bobin are finally ready to travel and meet their new mummy in exciting Singapore!! Thank you Lilian for being so patient! :D

delicious as a marshmallow!!

Please meet my new baby elephant cub, she's soft and yummy just like marshmallows!! :D
Marshmallow is created from my Trumpet pattern and now looking for a new home and can be adoption directly from my shop :D

Thursday, 12 March 2009

going back to nature...

Now that I have your attention...tee hee
I'll be taking a short break and will be away between the 23rd of March till the 30th of March.
I will have my laptop with me and will try to log in as often as possible however, there may be limited internet access if any at all as I'm taking time out from the hectic city life and am retreating to the rain forest for a little rest! :-)

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

my new post bag!

I've been carrying a large recycle shopper bag to go on my postal run three times a week for the past 3 years and last week, it finally gave way and I discovered a hole in one corner. It was time for a new bag and decided I will make my own...here is the result! My first JLB post bag, now I can walk to the post office with a little bit more style! lol

Monday, 9 March 2009

Mebredesign's favs :: Treasury

My little pink chickadee is feeling very special to be part of Lisa's a lovely treasury which she created from her favorite things on Etsy. Please visit Lisa's newly created treasury at
http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=44852 to take a closer look at her selection. and drop by at her 'Mebredesign' to see her lovely handmade jewelry shop. I love the custom boutique polka dot top!!! :D

Saturday, 7 March 2009

She's a kimono gal

For 4 years, my bears have been wearing just their birthday suits but in the past 6 months, I've been so in love with pretty doll dresses and kimonos that it's inspired me to at least give it a try making my own. For me, making dresses have proved to be much more difficult than making the bears, even when it is the very simple pillow case dress. I've resorted to the fact that I'm no dress maker like my mum and her sister who also used to design and make beautiful wedding dresses. The dress making gene which I thought ran in our family must of skipped me....sigh!
After three attempts of making an outfits for Hiroko, I think this one seems to suit her the most.
Hope you like it! Hiroko is now available for adoption, please click here for her webpage and more photos of her in her new dress! :D

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Idle hands make new webpages

Idle hands make for the devil's work..."
At the JLB studio, idle hands make new webpages!! lol
You've probably guessed by now I'm one of those people who gets bored of things easily. Soon after I finished my new website late last year, I grew a little tired of the look and late last night, a new look came to me. I will be slowing making changes throughout the whole JLB website but have started with the main page. Hope you like it...until next time! :D
It's no wonder why there is never enough time in a day to everything I want to...

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

busy bee part III

Do you still remember the feeling you get right after you hit "send" to submit an assignment or walking out of the exam room just after you finished? well, I'm having one of those feel good moments right now! lol
I don't believe I've worked so hard since graduating...well at least not consistently for 4 weeks straight! My fingers are so sore but I'm so happy to finish my custom order of anime bears and am delighted with how they've turned out! Yeah!!!! Here's a snippet of my 18 anime bears and bunnies and oh there's a kitty too!! They've been so good this morning, sitting so nicely like a group of very well behaved school kids taking their school photos!
Time to clean up my desk and start on a new bear :D