Yoko is Miss April 2009

bet you thought I'd forgotten about April's wallpaper since I've gone on my mini-break haven't you?? Good thing for scheduling...I managed to finish this just before I left.
*Yoko* is jennylovesbenny's Miss April! lol To download, click here!


  1. Oh how cute!!!
    I´m so in love with all your cuties!
    and I´m very sorry that still couldn´t start my owns : (
    Thanks by your wallpapers, they´re delicious !!!

  2. Thanks, Jenny I've always loved your bears, your site was the first bear site I ever found on the internet and I have only just looked you up again recently and love the wallpaper's that are free with the calender on them. Thank's so much for making your bears one day I'll be able to afford one for my collection. Helen.


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