Counterfeit Jennylovesbenny Patterns!!

I guess it's bound to happen one day and it did!
One of my lovely customers took the time to email me today to notify me that
mine and other artist's bear patterns has been replicated and sold on ebay. Sure enough when I checked, I found that this ebayer reproduced a number of my patterns without my consent and sold it on ebay. She's also used a photo of my bear "Tess" and sold it as a pattern. I'm in contact with eBay regarding this and have also contacted the seller and some of the artists affected. Hopefully, the seller will stop now that she knows that we're aware of this or eBay will do something soon.

To my customers, please be aware that my bear patterns are sold exclusively only:
  • by me on ebay using id: jennylovesbenny
  • online at
  • Honeydew Bears Shop Address
    27 Boerneef Str
    Helderkruin, South Africa
My bears are sold exclusively by:
  • me on ebay using id: jennylovesbenny
  • online at
  • Bears and Gifts Brisbane Shop Address
    Shop 10 Woolworths Market Place,
    Cnr Old Northern Rd & Albany Forest Drive,
    Albany Creek, Qld Australia -
Please do not support other unauthorised sellers of counterfeit or illegally reproduced jennylovesbenny products as they are not authentic jennylovesbenny creations.
Thank you!