my new hobby

I've never had much of a green fact, most things I planted, pretty much die due to either over water or never water!! I even managed to kill a cactus!! LOL
I lacked patience to plan ahead and wait for things to grow...I love plants and flowers, even dream of a garden filled with all sorts of fruit trees, herbs and vegetables...but I want it NOW! The instant perfect garden INSTANTLY! hehe...hence, the reason why I was never rewarded with beautiful flowers or fruits and just got what I sowed...nothing!

Mum, oh, they are wise aren't they??  Mum on the other hand, spend many hours tending to her plants needs.  She has 50 spikes from one cymbidium plant and they make such beautiful cut flowers too.  Each year, she would put them in a vase and adorn my kitchen bench with them.  Thanks Mum!! :D

For many of you wondering what I've been up to since I wasn't working on my bears...well, the past couple of years, I found peace and serenity in the garden.  With mum's guidance,  growing fruits, vegetables and propagating nodding violet is one of my favourite things to do and btw, they are in great shape! :)
Spring has arrived and I'm very much looking forward to everything coming back to life again! Don't worry, I have a very special chickadee who's about to hatch but for now happy gardening. :D



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