The Circus is in town!! 🤡

Pippa as was a little orphan, found by the "Travelling Circus" crew who took her in and cared for her.   

Though she was never expected to work, Pippa tries to be useful and offer help by doing little chores like fetching their equipment and outfits.  Everyone adores Pippa and wants her to be their little protégé but she especially likes spending time with “Tonto” the gentle Giant (and I literary mean GIANT) game keeper who allows her to feed and help him care for the animals.  


A circus life is not easy, it’s never ending work and forever unpacking and packing…constantly on the move.   Travelling in the dead of night under the stars, meandering through unpaved roads and wandering through the deep forests, with only the beam of the moonlight through the trees to steer them in their path…

Most nights, they will take refuge deep in the forest.  There, they will gather around a  fire to keep warm and sing songs to soothe the soul and also the creatures in the night…

sometimes, Pippa even sees fairies in the mist!

Can you see fairies too?

Pippa has heterochromia eyes, one eye brown and one eye green!

#WIP ~ before she wakes..

Pippa in her full outfit designed and created by now looking for a new forever home where she no longer needs to pack and unpack..

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