new kitties...

Hi Everyone,
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!
Please meet my new little kitties..From left to right is “Haya-ji”, “Kami”, “Tiger” and the twins “Hiruko” and “Kioko”
and their names describes their little characters exactly! :D
They are approximately 13cm/5 inches tall and are 5 way jointed assembled using cotter pin joints. They are made from beautiful quality mohair which I’d shaded in various colours to give them their adorable feline look! All have black antique boot button eyes and small black embroidered nose. They are filled with heavy polyflock stuffing and steel shots to give them added weight! They’re so playful and are ever so cuddly, even Walter can’t keep his paws off them!LOL

They are now available for adoption with buy now option directly from my website.
Please visit for more photos and find out what their characters are like! :D

So what's next in the JLB studio???? watch out, a big hairy bunch is coming ;-)