it's raining again...

rain on cafe window Originally uploaded by janetmami
It's been raining all is a good thing really, given that I do like the rain and we do desperately need it due to the drought we've had in the past few years but I'm not a professional photographer and do need a lot of natural sunshine to take photos of my bears!

I waited all day for the sun to shine but dark clouds just loomed above us all day and I was not able to capture a good shot of my new bear "Cayenne". "Cayenne" is another bear created for my 'Past Times''s a sneak peek and hopefully, we'll get some lovely sunshine so I can take some pretty pictures of him :D


  1. Good Morning Jenny, I just stopped by to see what beautiful bears you have been making, I love your screen saver November wallpaper I have it on my computer and I love everymorning when I log in to see your beautiful bear, Just beautiful I hope you will be doing one every month. Have a beautiful weekend Lisa (Inn Country)

  2. Thank you so much Lisa!
    I will be making a month wallpaper from now one. This month, I have a poll for people to vote on which bear they would like to see appear on December's wallpaper.
    Thank you again and am delighted that you are using it on your computer :D
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend too in sunny Qld :D


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