Teaching Walter to swim

We always thought Walter could swim...up until recently when he went for a walk...he was so cheeky and not watching where he was going, he walked and fell straight into the lake!! LOL
He was splashing a lot and his head was going under...quick thinking hubby, got down on the ground and reached out to drag him out...unfazed and unshaken, Walter shook off the water and continued on his playful ways!

We thought perhaps he was in shock hence was not able to swim...but we had to make sure so yesterday, it was a marvelous day for the beach and perfect time to see if Walter can indeed swim.

We've been to the beach many times and he was never keen to go into the water like most dogs there. Yesterday was the same, I couldn't coerce him but ended up carrying him into the water. He certainly made a big splash chopping the water with his front paws but he was still slowing sinking. I had to support his tummy to help him float, after the third attempt, he finally got it! :D He's still not keen to get into the water..but at least now knows how to swim! It was a wonderful day and we had so much fun with our 'son'...not sure if Walter did though! tee hee

c'mon Walter...

Walter: no thanks!

Walter: nooooooooooooo..help me daddy!

I'll sit here and watch you do it! tee hee

Walter: I'll wait here mummy!

Walter: hehe..silly woman

Walter: nope nope, I'm drowning..help

Walter: crazy woman, I almost drowned!

yeah..I'm a proud mummy! LOL

mission accomplished! :D


  1. That's just lovely!
    A big hug to Walter.

  2. Walter so cute
    And he learned a new surviving skill


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