Saturday, 28 February 2009


You've requested for Popa's mohair and it has finally arrived along with some new fabulous colours! Left is Copper, a dense pile that is so lovely and so brilliant in the sun. Right is a longer medium beigh colour slightly wavy pile which is just gorgeous and I can't wait to get my scissors to start snipping away!! :D

With these new colours, your bears will love their coats! :D
I've just updated my mohair webpage and the new stock are available now!

Friday, 27 February 2009

March 2009 Wallpaper

One more day before month end crept up on me today and this morning, I frantically thought about JLB's wallpaper for March...I should remember by now February is a short month!
Although Valentine's day has long passed, I don't believe Cupid ever goes out of style ;-) and this was one of my favorite photos (and I've been told yours too) during the month of Feb. Therefore, Cupid has been tagged as my new "pin up" bear for March 2009 and his wallpaper is now available for download here :D

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Make your own Edward...

With the restock of new mohair, I absolutely love Edward's dark brown dense wavy mohair, it really makes the white stand out! I've just updated dixie's pattern page with Edward's complete kit. You can now make your own little Edward cavalier! :D

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I've heard children and animals are the most difficult to take photos of...

here's take two!

Please meet my little litter of King Charles Cavaliers...from left to right "PUCCI", "HERMIONE' and "EDWARD"! They've just been listed on my website and are now available for adoption :D

The litter of pups

My litter of Cavaliers have finally arrived!! Please meet Hermione, Edward and Pucci...though I think Pucci must have escaped or trade places with another pup from the Bichon pen!! Am in the process of taking their individual photos. Their adoption details will be available shortly :D
Please feel free to email me to reserve.

three little puppies and a big one too!

When hubby and I went to adopt Walter, there were three beautiful King Charles Cavalier x Pug in the pen. There was Walter and his two siblings. Given Walter's size as a pup, we could tell he took most of his mother's milk and the way he trampled over his sisters so that I would pat him instead, he was definitely the dominant one! His dominance was a problem when we brought him home as he was constantly trying to establish himself second (after hubby) in the hierarchy. It took puppy pre-school and lots of loving and gentle training before he realized that we're all equals! tee hee
We should have seen the signs but non of this occurred to me at the time...he had me at "whoof"! lol

I had to post this photo of Walter. He often sits by me when I take photos of my new bears but today he plonked himself next to the cavaliers and curled up comfortably while I was snapping away. Though he does enjoy the company of people more than dogs, I wonder if he miss being part of a pack.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

busy bee part II

busy bee at JLB's part I
Last week I mentioned I was working on a custom order of 18 anime bears. I decided to make them in three sets of 6 as making all 18 in one hit would most likely send my body into shock... my fingers and hands (especially my right one) would not be too happy with my brain for deciding to do so either! hehe

When sewing my bears, I don't like to stop and think about how the finish bear will look unless I'm head butted by 'disaster'! Therefore, before I start cutting, the design and its details have already been decided...all stored inside my head. In this case, I want to know how each of the anime bears look like so that I can hit the mohair snipping as apposed to hit the floor running!? tee hee. I can store 6 individual designs comfortably but 18...well, despite what I like to think, unfortunately my brain just isn't all that big!

Here is my second set of six anime bears and bunnies, I hope when I finally finish all 18, they will all complement each other :D

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Pink elly Ally

I needed a little break from making anime bears and bunnies so decided to make another elephant cub...I do like making bears around 8inches tall as they are not too small to fumble, especially when turning the pieces inside out like the little animes. Please allow me to introduce "Ally", my new pink elephant cub...."Ally" is created from my Trumpet pattern.
She is approximately 17cm/7 inches tall and is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints. Ally is created from this beautiful pink dense mohair. The colour is just gorgeous, one of my favourites!! I absolutely love working with this mohair, it has a strong backing and yet the pile is nice and soft. Ally has a combination of Japanese fabrics for her inner ears and footpads....little bugs whispering in her right ear and pretty pink checks in the other. A little pink snail crawling along one foot pad and pink polka dots on the other! :D

Ally has black German glass eyes and is filled with quality dense polyflock. Her feet also contains stainless steel shots to give her more weight so that she won't tumble over while sitting and of course she comes with big rosy cheeks!! :D
Ally is now available for adoption from my website.

laugh of the day

I was just having lunch in front of my computer and catching up on mail when I received an email from Tea Rose of Needle and Clay who had so kindly featured me on her blog.
I must say when I started creating anime bears, I did get mixed reactions, some really liked them and some really didn't. Overall, I've had nice reviews but this one just made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my fried rice! lol
Here is a snippet of what Tea Rose wrote:
"Jenny Lee is an Australian bear artist, but what attracted me to her site was the adorable-enough-to-eat chick pictured on Softies Central. Here’s an artist who has made facial geometry into an extreme sport: if she placed the eyes of her stuffed critters any farther apart, or their noses any higher, they’d look like aliens instead of baby animals. It takes expert judgment to skirt the edge of disaster like this, and the results are stunningly adorable baby chicks, bunnies, kittens and more."

I've just been to Tea Rose's website at Needle and Clay and it's such a wonderful read, featuring many artists and their work. I know you'll enjoy it too, I'm going back to catch up on her earlier posts. THANKS Tara!! :D

Rapipi is FRESH and minty....

Karen from vintagedchic have an eye for creating beautiful treasuries on Etsy. Each one of her treasuries have made it on front page and because of her beautiful treasury, my Melody pattern was sold. Karen has done it again and this time my Rapipi was lucky enough to be picked by Karen to be featured on her latest treasury...please take a closer look at I love the items and colour combination she has chosen, it's very pretty! Thank you Karen :D

Monday, 16 February 2009

busy bee at JLB's...

I know the shop is looking a little bare at the moment as most of the bears have found new homes. A little pink elephant is on her way and hopefully I'll be able to show her to you tomorrow...there are lots of ideas currently stored in my head and a little litter of new cavalier pups is one of them...but before that I need to finish a custom order of 18 anime bears and bunnies. Picture shows 6 of 18 so far...better get sewing again!

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Please me new anime bear "Ikuko"!! Ikuko wears beautiful white sparse mohair and is approximately 13cm/5 inches tall. She is 5 way jointed assembled using cotter pin joints and has black antique boot eyes.

Ikuko has a small black embroidered nose and large rosey cheeks which really stands out from her white coat!! She is filled with heavy polyflock stuffing and her feet also contains stainless steel shots to give her added weight. She's just adorable in her pretty anime hat!!
Ikuko is now looking for a new home and she is available for adoption directly from my website :D

new labels for my anime bears and bunnies

My original label is too big for my anime bears and bunnies, leaving me little room for an opening in the I decided it was time to create a new label, especially for the anime bears and bunnies! :D Hope you like this new look, I think it adds to their characters!

Josey's Wabito

Isn't this one of the CUTEST wabito ever? This gorgeous little anime bunny is made by Josey Freni using Wabito's pattern. Josey Freni from Bear Essence will be running 2 morning session workshops to teach you how to create my CHICKADEES! For more information about the workshops, please contact Josey Freni or Kim at Bear Essence on (03) 9761 3333

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Behind the scenes with Walter and Agatha

Once again, Walter just could not help himself! tee hee
Here's a little story of Walter and Agatha while I was trying to take some photos...hope you enjoy! :D


oh! Hello There!!

why ELLO! What have you got there?

just some soya milk...would you like to have some?

sure, thanks!



yummo! THANKS!

Jeandre’ and Agatha

Like a lot of my designs, this one has been on my mind for a while but it's taken me a while to put it together because I didn't have everything I wanted to make it feel complete, this include designing a new kitten for the my bear. Now that I've finally finished, I'm so please to introduce to you Jeandre’ and her little white kitten Agatha!

Jeandre’ loves to read and each day, she would carry her dear little friend in her pretty shopping bag to visit the local children's bookshop. Once there, they like to find a quiet corner to sit by themselves and Jeandre’ would quietly read stories to Agatha. One of their favourites (and mine) is "The Worst Witch" series...unbeknown to Jeandre’, Agatha secretly pretends that Jeandre’ is a witch (a good one of course) and she a witch's cat.

Agatha would make a wish out loud for a plate of cold milk then quickly shut her eyes tight until it 'magically' appears in front of her before she would open her eyes again, totally ignoring the fact that Jeandre’ had reached into her bag and took out a cold bottle of milk and poured it into a plate for her! lol

Both Jeandre’ and Agatha have found their new home in QLD, Australia. available for adoption and many more of their photos can be seen from their webpage.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

I'm bringing corduroy back!

Remember when corduroy was really the late 70s and early 80's? Mum dug out this big gorgeous piece of corduroy for me the other day. Mum used to sew a lot when I was young and most of my children clothes were either made by mum or my aunt Lillian (her bigger sister). It had been kept in storage all this while and it was meant for me. Mum bought it with the intention of making me overalls!! hmm...not that I'm being unappreciative but I'm so glad she didn't get around to it! tee hee...I have enough embarrassing photos from my childhood days! :-)
Having said that, I can't wait to make a dress from this for my new bear to wear! well...I definitely would have loved a dress instead of overalls...why didn't mum think of that instead!? :D

Thursday, 5 February 2009

I want my bear to stand!

Have always wondered how it is that teddy bears can stand without a stand to hold them up until I discovered steel shot, plastic pellets, glass beads and garnet etc.
These fillings are great for giving the bears a weighty feel. Steel shots are great especially for smaller bears because you don't need to use much to achieve it - place a little in their feet and tummy to help them sit without toppling over or use it for larger bears to help them stand confidently! Like any products I find useful and cannot do without, I try to stock them in my shop! What's better than steel shots are STAINLESS steel shots! it won't rust and no lead! I've also stocked some glass beads, I like to use glass beads for medium to large bears as I found the stainless steel shots to be a little too heavy. Also I like using glass beads for lighter colour going to go run my fingers through my stash of glass beads now, they're so beautiful in the sun! :D

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


My valentine bear for 2009 is cupid...who puts on his wings come every 14th of Feb, taking much pleasure and of course lots of fun firing his arrows at passers by. Even better still he has a good excuse to do so...just because it's VALENTINE'S day!! :D
Cupid is looking a little sad in this photo because this year, he has to sit Valentine's day out since he has lost his bow. With the excitement of the coming Valentine's day, he took out his bow and arrows early to play with them. Now he doesn't remember where he has misplaced it and won't be able to pierce lovers hearts with his love arrows.

He'll just have to leave it to fate and hope that we'll pluck enough courage to tell that special someone how much we care about them.
He's still rummaging through his toy box...there still hope yet for Cupid to appear! :

Here's a little more about CUPID ::
He is created from my Blink pattern, one of my very early designs and is approximately 23cm/9 inches tall. Cupid is 5 way jointed assembled using a combination of cotter pin joints and wobbly joints giving him a wobbly head, wobbly legs which just dangles when he's being held and cuddled. Cupid wears brilliant white short dense mohair and has a tiny pink embroidered nose and black German glass eyes. He wears a pair of beautiful angle wings on his back strapped on by a ribbon and held together by a pretty diamante buckle which can be removed when he is not on CUPID duty! He has big rosy cheeks...a sign of his cheekiness!! lol
Cupid is now looking for a permanent home and he can be adopted directly from my website. (maybe his bows and arrows are waiting for him there) :D

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A garden for Walter...

Have been wanting to create a garden on my balcony for Walter for a loooooooong time...well, ever since we got him 3 1/2 years ago! Just never got around to it because I never knew what to plant or how to make it look nice without taking too much space! You can probably guess I don't have a green thumb!

My dear mum gave me three window boxes, two filled with beautiful petunias and the other a herb...errr..can't remember what it is...It's probably not a good time to start my city garden due to the heatwave we've been experiencing (40-45 degrees for the past 8 days) but nevertheless, it sure is lovely to finally have some life on my balcony and I think Walter is loving it too...though we have to make sure he doesn't lift his leg up against the herbs! lol

It's not quite complete yet but I'm now very inspired to finish it. Will update here with my progress and Thanks Mum! :D

Monday, 2 February 2009

Getting ready for Valentines day...

I promise I haven't been slacking off!! These past few days I've been trying to finish my artist profile and bear project for the Australian Bear Creations magazine. Not sure when it'll be publish but I'll sure to update you here :D

Now back to JLB creations...I've been working on a cupid to celebrate Valentines's not quite ready yet, just need some finishing touches! Stay tuned...