laugh of the day

I was just having lunch in front of my computer and catching up on mail when I received an email from Tea Rose of Needle and Clay who had so kindly featured me on her blog.
I must say when I started creating anime bears, I did get mixed reactions, some really liked them and some really didn't. Overall, I've had nice reviews but this one just made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my fried rice! lol
Here is a snippet of what Tea Rose wrote:
"Jenny Lee is an Australian bear artist, but what attracted me to her site was the adorable-enough-to-eat chick pictured on Softies Central. Here’s an artist who has made facial geometry into an extreme sport: if she placed the eyes of her stuffed critters any farther apart, or their noses any higher, they’d look like aliens instead of baby animals. It takes expert judgment to skirt the edge of disaster like this, and the results are stunningly adorable baby chicks, bunnies, kittens and more."

I've just been to Tea Rose's website at Needle and Clay and it's such a wonderful read, featuring many artists and their work. I know you'll enjoy it too, I'm going back to catch up on her earlier posts. THANKS Tara!! :D