Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dorothy grew up!

Once upon a time, as a young girl I used to wear very 'colourful' shoes...shoes that gave me such a wonderful feeling of happiness but made DH (bf at the time) and friends cringe with embarrassment for me and themselves each time we step out into the public together! hehe..
The most embarrassing pair and my absolute favourite at the time was what I called my "peacock" sequins flats from Japan (below).
One either really dislike them or love them. While my friends (especially the guys) dread the attention we get from passers-by, very often I do get girls and occasionally guys stopping me to ask where I got my shoes from. Often than not, they get very disappointed to find the shoes are not from the country and hence not attainable by which then some try to bribe me to take them off my feet literally!

This is my Peacock shoes mentioned, sparkly brightly in the sun...here taken by DH on our 14 day "midnight sun" cruise where the sun do not set 24 hours a day from UK to Norway...DH find them weird by he can't but help be amused by them!

This pair is a marc jacobs and another favourite...okay, they're ALL my favourites!LOL
Also have traveled the globe with me...taken by DH without me knowing in Barcelona while resting in front of the Sacra Familia. DH doesn't know it, but I think he has a fetish for my shoes...why all the photos right!!!? LOL
Sadly, I still have this pair but the tie have snapped off and cannot be worn any more :(

...why did I create this post? oh..yes, it was once upon a time ago since I've worn those wonderful shoes which made me feel good about myself...since I moved back to Melbourne and am now living in the city, I walk everywhere and have opted for practicality and comfort but also, I'm not a young girl anymore and thinks I ought to dress my age! Well with my wacky taste in shoes and dressing my age made shoe shopping rather difficult and unconsciously I think I gave up somewhere along the way a few years back. This is why I was so ecstatic to come across this pair of glittery platforms yesterday during my postal run...I knew when I slipped it on and fitted like a glove it was made for me! :D

I'm a rather shy person and despite DH and friends joke about clicking my heals together (all said with love of course), the Dorothy in me never gave out and now she's grown up! ^^

Even Walter think its good enough to eat!! haha
Ps. I can't wait to see my friend's reactions this weekend when we meet for a house warming...I'm baaacck! lol

Stinky's pattern and kits

I've done it! Stinky le Skunk's pattern and kit are now available from my shop! Hope you enjoy this new pattern as much as I've had creating this little stinker! hehe

Monday, 29 June 2009

Stinky le Skunk!

"Stinky" is my latest design and my first ever skunk. He's full name is "Stinky le Skunk"! LOL
He has a new home now but tomorrow, I'll be busy creating his pattern and kit so that you can also create your own Stinky! This is just a sneak peak for you! :D

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Treasury :: Gabriel

Gabriel is so happy to be chosen to take part in this delightful Etsy Treasury created by ShinyGoLucky from 'somewhere special'. This treasury is called Accomplices For Your Inner Child and it certainly does that!! I just love the matryoshka nesting dolls (4 seasons) by peachpit and am not sure if you saw the amazing reclining lion by PocosPlayhouse. Do also drop in to visit 'somewhere special', there's a Vintage Pearl Collar that I have my eyes on for my bears!! :D
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Little Michiko-chan here is Miss July 2009. I know July is one of the coldest months down under but I'm hoping Michiko will bring some summer breeze to the mind to warm our souls. For everyone who's experiencing a hot Summer, I hope Michiko will make you feel nice and cool wearing her pretty summer dress! :D
Michiko's July wallpaper is now ready for download, just click here! :D

Friday, 26 June 2009

Walter turns 4!

I can't believe how fast time has flown...our baby turned 4 this week and of course he got his big fat bone for his birthday (not that it makes much difference to him, he gets a bone every week). A trip to the snow is planned since he's never seen or played in the snow before in all his 4 y.o life! hehe
DH and I take lots of photos but the past 4 years we've been taking photos mainly of Walter and here are just some out of the hundreds...hope you enjoy them :D It's been such a journey for us, we brought him home at 6 weeks old and from toilet training to puppy pre-school and many long walks, he's just such a delightful little dog...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY BOY! :D

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Often I receive emails asking if I hold workshops for my bears. Unfortunately being the artist , the pattern maker, the photographer, the photo editor, the web designer, the customer support officer, the buyer, the post office girl, the coffee girl and EVERYTHING else relating to JLB as well as a home maker and mummy to a beautiful puppy (he's 4 years old last week), I often struggle to find the balance between JLB and life outside of JLB although I do try very hard to create that balance!
I also have
many many designs to bring to life and many many grand ideas which I have in stored for JLB which I'm really excited about and hope you will be too! :D

Hence, although I may not be able to personally hold the workshops, I'm really pleased to let you know that workshops for my bears are being held by talented bear artists...

Josey Freni from Bear Essence
211 Scoresby Road BORONIA VIC 3155
(corner Scoresby & Boronia Roads)
(03) 9761 3333

Diane and Maria from the Craft Haven of Berwick
16 Adams Lane, Berwick, 3806
(03) 97073431

Please feel free to give Josey, Diane and Maria a call if you are interested in bear classes. I'm sure they'll love to hear from you and they not only hold classes for my bears but other artist bears also! :D

The Last Twinkee

Thank you all again for your interest in my Twinkee keyrings, I have one last Twinkee keyring left, as you can see Red Twinkee is all alone! :(
As many of you have missed out again, I will try to steadily create more and keep them stocked regularly in my shop...though writing it easier than doing as these little anime do take a lot of time given my fumbled fingers with mini bears...I do admire mini artist bear makers!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!! :D

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lizzy complete kit - 3 available!!

I know you like to create your own JLB bears and friends so I've also created Lizzy's complete kit. I have enough mohair for 3 complete kits and for those of you who already have Trumpet's pattern, of course you can purchase the complete kit without the pattern! Now available here until sold out :D

A VERY PINK elephant!

Please meet my latest very pink elephant "Lizzy" created from my 'TRUMPET' pattern.
Everyone loves getting all dressed up and so does little Lizzy here. She has a very pretty pink dense and short mohair coat. The colour is just lovely and goes really well with the cutesy Japanese fabrics used on her inner ears and footpads....little bugs whispering in one ear and pretty pink polka dots in the other. A little butterfly on one foot and a delicious strawberry on the other. Lizzy even has eye lashes to make her look even prettier! :D
Lizzy is now available for adoption from my shop, please don't forget to refresh your browser! :-)

Monday, 22 June 2009


WOW! it's been almost a week since I last blogged...tsk tsk tsk!
I've been real busy and been constantly grinding away at work but it doesn't seem like I've accomplished much the past week. I finally finished more twinkee keryings though and they will be available tomorrow from my website...am ready to hit the sack now! goodnight all! ^_^

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Just arrived :: NEW MOHAIR

I've just received a new batch of mohair and here are some very lovely colours...from left to right is the orange sorbet you've already seen, a new green moss alpaca/mohair blend and peach candy floss kid mohair, the most luxurious and soft mohair your bear can wear!! :D
Only limited amount is available! Now available from my mohair shop!

An oldie but a goodie *DEAN*

I am hearing you loud and clear and am gradually bringing back my oldies. PUDDLES has always been a popular bear so I bring you my latest Puddles "DEAN"!
Dean is now available for adoption from my shop !

Monday, 15 June 2009

Treasury :: Please, don't hunt! Bunnies don't like that !

Haruki have been featured in this "Please, don't hunt! Bunnies don't like that !" hehe...this is such a cute treasury created by Dongedyframe, be sure to check out Dongedy's shop who sells some amazing prints from her Etsy shop...this is one of my favourites :D

Saturday, 13 June 2009

a little enhancement!

You might have noticed something different about Michiko but can't quite pick out what?? well you'll be right. I've been looking at Michiko and felt something wasn't quite complete and now finally I got it! It was her bunny nose...I've given her a slight nose job (literally) and added a red outline around her nose. I'm completely happy now, hope you like the little change also. More photos of Michiko can been seen from her webpage and please do not forget to refresh your browser if you are still seeing her older photos :D

Thursday, 11 June 2009

An oldie but a goodie *Gabriel*

Bring back the oldies I hear you say!! There are times when I have so many new ideas I end up spending more time on creating new designs and unfortunately neglecting my older ones. I've been asked to bring back some of my oldies as they are still your favorites and so it shall be...
Please meet my newest bear "Gabriel" created from my very first bear design "Blink"...more oldies will also be coming shortly...for now, Gabriel is now available for adoption from my shop.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Treasury :: Mushy Pea and all those DIY kits

Thanks to desertnana from Retro Range who created this wonderful treasury on Etsy.
I didn't even realized how many different kits there were and there are some really awesome ones displayed on this treasury! Please pop over to have a peek, you'll be amazed if you've not already seen them before. You many also want to pop over to desertnana's shop, she's created a world of Vintage Wonderful's and Beautiful Photography to make your home your favorite place!!

Friday, 5 June 2009


You might have noticed I've updated my website once again! Actually I was rather happy with it and often receive positive feedback from you until DH (carefully and tactfully! hehe) made some valid and I thought rather good suggestions. He doesn't usually visit my website but had to do so to obtain my paypal email address late one night. Usually I'm awake way before he's gone to bed but since I've been down with a cough the past week I've been zonked out and not been able to stay up much past midnight. I do enjoy working on my website and though I try to make it as user friendly as possible however it's hard to separate myself from being the developer and the end user at the same time. As the developer I know where everything is and this compromise the user part of me because I already know where everything is and am not getting a true feel of an end user. A fresh pair of eyes is always useful! Thanks DH! :D
I feel the website is much tidier now but please feel free to give me your feedback and if you have any trouble navigating, please do not hesitate to let me know. I'm always open to suggestions and am constantly working to improve and better the site. Hope you like my new shop! :D

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Firstly I'll like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for your interest in my twinkee keyrings. I had over 400 hits on my blog yesterday and all are now sold. They certainly were a big hit! :D
Sorry to many of you who missed out, it was a bit of a frenzy with my shopping cart yesterday but I will be making more in the next couple of days...for now I'll like to share with you my new food blog JENNY LOVES TO EAT. This is my personal blog to record my favourite recipes online...there's not much logged at the moment except for two recipes but I'm hoping to add to it as I dig out old recipes to make them. So feel free to drop in anytime and hope you enjoy those recipes too! :D

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


The twinkee wristlet keyrings are back! I've just completed 5, 4 twinkee bears and 1 twinkee rabbit! Now available from my website! :D

Monday, 1 June 2009

~ * FREE *~ ANIME HATS epatterns

Anime hat epatterns are now FREE!! yes, it's true, now you can create all the anime hats I do for my anime bears and bunnies. All are based on these three designs. One of the most fun part of creating my anime bears is making their hats and accessorizing them so yap, they're free for you to download and make as many hats for your anime as you wish. Just click on their photos to download. *please note these epatterns are not for resale and for personal use only! :D

-* sold out *-

Thank you for your interest in Tofu's complete kit. Tofu's complete kit have now been sold out however I'm hoping to provide this kit again once I get more of Tofu's mohair! :D