You might have noticed I've updated my website once again! Actually I was rather happy with it and often receive positive feedback from you until DH (carefully and tactfully! hehe) made some valid and I thought rather good suggestions. He doesn't usually visit my website but had to do so to obtain my paypal email address late one night. Usually I'm awake way before he's gone to bed but since I've been down with a cough the past week I've been zonked out and not been able to stay up much past midnight. I do enjoy working on my website and though I try to make it as user friendly as possible however it's hard to separate myself from being the developer and the end user at the same time. As the developer I know where everything is and this compromise the user part of me because I already know where everything is and am not getting a true feel of an end user. A fresh pair of eyes is always useful! Thanks DH! :D
I feel the website is much tidier now but please feel free to give me your feedback and if you have any trouble navigating, please do not hesitate to let me know. I'm always open to suggestions and am constantly working to improve and better the site. Hope you like my new shop! :D