Treasury :: Sweet dreams are made of...

Momoko and Princess have been featured in this lovely treasury "Sweet dreams are made of... " created by Dongedyframe. This is the second time Dongedy has kindly included my bears in her beautiful treasuries! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D
Please be sure to check out Dongedy's shop who sells some amazing prints from her Etsy shop...I love this polaroid-shaped photo...
Waiting for you - 4x6 diorama photo
TITLE: Waiting for you

DH used to leave me little notes and messages around the house for me to find when we were both working in the office. He's usually off to work before I wake and there was just never enough time in the day to be was always a lovely surprise to come across a post-it note or scrap paper as I wandered through the house going about my usual routine.
I imagine now DH leaving me a note on this photo for me on my mirror while I'm getting ready for a great night out! hehe...definitely nicer than post-its but hey, I'm not complaining...haven't got one of those in a looooooooong time! DH, if you're reading this...hint hint ^_^