Chibi and her forever loyal teddy bear...

This bear has been in the making for about two weeks and I'm so thrilled to have finally finished my "Chibi"! Chibi loves wearing her cute nightie that I made for her and lives in it night and day! She also has her forever loyal teddy bear whom she drags along wherever she goes. Chibi won't go anywhere without her "Teddy" :D
Chibi and her teddy bear are now living in Singapore. looking for a new home. You can adopt them directly from my shop.


  1. She is so cute! And, I can't believe how many treasuries your featured in! everyone's going nuts for your adorbale furries!! :o)

  2. She is SO CUTE! I want to steal her and bring her away to never never land & live forever!


  3. Oh my gosh she is SOOOOO ADORABLE! ahh and I love how she has her own little bear~~ That is just TOO cute for words~~ ahhh I can't believe how talented you are. If I was your neighbour I'd want to just hang out at your house all day, play with your dog, and stare at all your cute and wonderful creations ^^


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