Mineko and Puchi

I've been so excited about Mineko and Puchi for the past two weeks and have been so eager to bring them to life!!! I couldn't stand not having them completed any longer and last night, I burnt the midnight oil so that I will have great light this morning to take lots of photos of them before the forecasted storm clouds up my windows.
Am delighted to introduce to my new little girl "Mineko" and "Puchi"!!!

Mineko is approximately 26cm/10.5 inches tall and is created from quality Shulte sparse mohair with a fawn colour pile on strong backing. Mineko is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints and have large black German glass eyes. I've given her a little dark brown embroidered nose and lightly shaded her rosy cheeks in pink.

Mineko is a weighty medium size bear, filled with quality polyflock stuffing and her feet also contains stainless steel shots to help her stand on her own. With a little initial help, she'll be able to stand very comfortably so that she can show off her pretty yukata (summer kimono) I'd especially designed and made for her.

I've made Mineko's yukata from really cute Japanese fabric. It is fully lined and just like patchwork, I'd hand stitched all the panels together. I wanted to make this yukata to be removable along with the Obi (belt) so that this new bear can play dress up!! :D
*Although the obi and yukata are removable, just like wearing a real kimono, it is not easy to put on therefore, I don't recommend you undress her unless you are familiar with putting on a kimono.

I also made Mineko a little puppy of her own...Puchi is 10cm/4 inches tall and has a lovely brown colour coat. Her feet and tummy contains stainless steel shots to give her weight so she won't topple over when playing with Mineko! They are an inseparable pair just like Walter and me!

Mineko and Puchi have found a home and are now living in Notthinghamshire, UK. are both ready for adopting from my shop and lots and lots of photos of Mineko and Puchi can be seen there too! Have a fabulous day, I'm staying in waiting for the strong winds to settle...


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