*:: as cute as a Button::*

Summer has finally arrived in Melbourne and she arrived with a vengeance!! We've been having 30+ degrees weather and today 34 but I'm soooooooo loving it, especially after the long stretched of cold weather we've had. Making most of the warm weather, (because you never know how long it will last as Melbourne is best known for it's four seasons in one day) I've been taking time out and basking in the sunshine but I haven't forgotten about my bears...
Please meet my new little anime bear "Button". Button is now available for adoption from my website and if you like to make your own "Button", he is created from my sugar anime pattern :D


  1. Oh...she is so adorable! And I like how you said it, cute as a button~ hehehe...

  2. He's lovely Jenny :-) If only I had more money!


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