Saturday, 30 May 2009

Treasury:: Yum Yum

I'm so thrilled that Yum Yum was included in this ever so pretty Etsy treasury by twoknit who creates lovely handmade, crochet and knitted items. You've probably read this many times before but I LOOOOOOOOVE PINK! :D


Yes, I'm definitely cutting it fine for June's wallpaper with just two more days to go before the start of June. For June, I've selected this photo of animes, one of my favourite shots! Hope it's not too much for your screen! Just click here to download! :D

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Thank you for your interest in Tofu. Tofu have now been adopted and for a limited time (until mohair is sold out) I've created TOFU's complete kit!! Tofu is created from Sugar's pattern. This is a special kit! TOFU's furry hat created from Chiyori's hat epattern is also included in the kit as well as the brown mohair and fabric used to create his hat. The kit is available from Sugar's pattern webpage. You can now create your own Tofu and his fluffy hat!!!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mission acomplished...just about!

Have finally managed to finish my animes without any more distractions other than the frequent relapse of Bejeweled Blitz addiction I can't seem to shake! hehe
Please meet from left to right "Tofu", "Shoki" and you've already meet "Mamiko".
Since I introduced Mamiko a few days ago, she's now been reserved and will be going to live in the UK. Shoki will be listed on ebay for auction and Tofu will be available for adoption directly from my website. Am waiting for the sun to pass through my windows so I can take more photos before listing them on my website...therefore, it's a great time to practice my piano before the neighbours get home from work!!
Please feel free to email me to reserve otherwise, their links will be available shortly :D

Shoki is now listed on ebay for a 5 day auction until the 31st of May. Tofu is now available from adoption directly from my website! :D

Monday, 25 May 2009

another blog award for JLB!!

It always gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside when I receive lovely emails or an award like this which tells me what I do makes people smile :D
Thank you so much to Lyn from for this lovely blog award!

Now here are the rules to this award:
1)The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2)Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3)Nominate 10 blogs.
4)Put a link to their blogs.
5)Leave a message for your nominees

Now of the nominees...
I'll like to pass this award to:
Lynda - "The Friendly Company of Bears" who has such fun with her teddies!
Ginger - "Bearbits" who understands and talks to her bears like I do so I don't feel all together silly! LOL
Bettina - "Glass Gragon Bears" for sharing her many stories
Maggie & Elaine - "Dear Bear World" though I can't read Chinese, I enjoy looking at their bears and their photos really capture the mood. Sometimes, they have lovely music playing too :D
Nicky - "The Vintage Magpie" who's blog is also so bright and colourful!

The following blogs are not about bears but they give me an outlet to escape and look at all the pretty things that is outside the JLB studio!
Lisa - "Luphia Loves" who's blog is filled with eye candies
Ruth - "Sparkletots" for sharing her great finds
Rebecca - "Edward and Lilly" and Emily - "Ravenhill" who's blogs are full of inspirations!
Rubyellen - "Cakies" who's full of life and thank you for sharing your beautiful world with the rest of us :D

Keiko on ebay...

It's been a while since I've listed a bear on eBay so I've placed Keiko for a 7 day auction ending 31 of May. Here is the link to her auction:
Happy bidding and please feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions! :D

Sunday, 24 May 2009

New Rabbit :: * Michiko *

"Always finish what you start" is a motto I've been brought up with and I know I'm suppose to finish a new set of anime bears and bunnie and well, I have all the intentions of doing so but this idea came to me and left me little choice but to drop everything to create "Michiko"! :D
Now I can get back to the animes....
Michiko is now available from my website! :D

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Anime Bunny :: * Mamiko *

I know it's been a while since I last made anime bears and bunnies and thank you to many of you who has been asking about them. They're still in the making, it's just a matter of finding time creating new designs and keeping the old designs going so I'm really please to be able to show you my just finished anime bunny "Mamiko"! An anime bear is coming to keep Mamiko company while waiting for adoption. Mamiko is now sitting by my work desk and keeping me company while 'he' is being completed. She's such a chatty little girl and such a delightful character! :D If you like to reserve Mamiko, please drop me an email. Mamiko will be listed together with the anime bear once he is finished.
oh yes, more twinkee keyrings/wristlets are on their way too! :D

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kimono girl :: *grace* and *blessed*

I always get so excited when I have a kimono girl to show you....please allow me to introduce my new kimono girl "Keiko". Her name means Grace and Blessed in Japanese. This was one of the many kimonos I made for Yukiko who had refused to wear them but I think this kimono finally found it's rightful owner in Keiko because she's just gorgeous in it! :D
Keiko is now available for adoption directly from my shop!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

* snow white *

This was suppose to be a white bear wearing a pink kimono and while Hiroko was such a kimono girl, "Yukiko" here just loves her girly dresses. I'd spent the last couple of days trying to dress her up in a beautiful pink kimono but she just wouldn't have any of it and I have to agree with her. My colour co-ordination mojo must have gone on a short break because I thought the pink kimono would make the beautiful white pile stand out but instead, I felt it made her look pale and while I initially thought a white dress would make her look pale, I think she looks really sweet in this cotton lace dress I made especially for her. Yukiko loves it too which is more important! :D

Yukiko is now available for adoption from my website :-)

Monday, 11 May 2009


Today I received a lovely email from a customer letting me know what a lovely surprised to have found my profile and bear project in the Australian Bear Creations magazine Vol 15.no1. I was surprised too(!!) and rushed out to my local newsagent and bought myself a copy...Here's a snippet of the article and you'll be able to find Bobin's pattern in there too.
Hope you enjoy the article and making your own Bobin! :D

Saturday, 9 May 2009

* GIVEAWAYS * :: by Ginger at bearbits!

What a special treat!! Ginger of "bearbits" is celebrating her 25th year as a teddy bear artist! 25 years!!!!!!!!!!! (jaw drop).

To celebrate, Ginger especially created this gorgeous faerie bear "Posy" and matching pin cushion and yap, she's giving it away! To win, all you need to do is leave a comment on Ginger's blog, easy peasy! CONGRATULATIONS Ginger! :D

Friday, 8 May 2009

Australian Bear Creations mag re-stocked!

Before I end the week, I've just listed some Australian Bear Creation magazines - the last of my collection. Containing lots of great patterns from many well known bear artists and lots of bear making tips!! It's a great read! The magazines are brand new, never been used with patterns attached and I certainly do combined postage! They are now available from my supplies and goodies webpage, click here to take you straight there! Hope you enjoy your weekend :D

New * Dori * complete kit first anime bear created for my "anime and hat" series now has his own complete kit. Created from my Sugar pattern, Dori's complete kit is available and ready for you from my website :D

Thursday, 7 May 2009

* Satsumi * is no tangerine!!

I knew I love this mohair when I first lay my eyes on it and couldn't wait to make a bear from it.
So here it is, please meet my very very orange bear this time...Satsumi!
I'm really loving pink and orange together, I think this colour combination is sooooooo pretty! I also hand-dyed the trim which holds up her little pillow case dress in pink to help stand out her little pink nose. Satsumi is now looking for a new home and is available from my website.


After 5 years of JLB, I still feel like I'm still trying to perfect the JLB style that reflects me and my character....I think I'm getting close and with this new label design, it screams JLB for me. It's bright, colourful, cheery and happy (just the way I like my life to be)...okay, I'm not always like that but I do try to be when I wake up each day and appreciate the little things.
What are my top three things when I first get up?
1. a kiss from hubby
2. enthusiastic welcome from puppy
3. my first cup of tea...
...I fear that if I take things for granted, it will be taken from on that note, have a beautiful day everyone! :D

Saturday, 2 May 2009

* KUMIKO and Bachi *

This has been in the making for a's my new "little girl and her pet" set. Please meet Kumiko and her puppy dog Bachi! The weather have started to cool down dramatically these few days in Melbourne so I knitted Kumiko a thick scarf to keep her warm while going for her long walks with Bachi. They love taking long walks and finding interesting shops hidden away in tiny alleyways and quaint fashionable lanes, occassionally stopping by at a lovely park for Bachi to run free and expend all her energy before heading back and calling it a fun filled day! :D
Kumiko and Bachi are now looking for a new home and they are available for adoption from my website.

Friday, 1 May 2009

simple pleasures:: recycled tea set

I was detail cleaning my kitchen a few weeks ago and to my delight, I found this old tea set hiding behind my cookbooks high up on the top shelve....okay, they weren't hiding, I hid them there a while ago and had forgotten about them! They just couldn't be used anymore, the tea pot has rusted inside and no amount of elbow grease was going smooth out the many scratches.
Do not like to waste, I was reluctant to throw them out and I knew one day, I will find their new purpose! The day has finally arrived where I can proudly display them again...

Despite the scratches, I managed to bring back a bit of shine and use the tea pot as a vase which will sit nicely on my work desk.

The creamer, I will use to hold my many buttons and the sugar bowl have been transformed into my pin cushion...

I'm so glad I didn't decide to bin them...I'm very attached to my newly found pin cushion and vase! What trash will you turn into treasures this weekend? Have a good one! :D