Today I received a lovely email from a customer letting me know what a lovely surprised to have found my profile and bear project in the Australian Bear Creations magazine Vol 15.no1. I was surprised too(!!) and rushed out to my local newsagent and bought myself a copy...Here's a snippet of the article and you'll be able to find Bobin's pattern in there too.
Hope you enjoy the article and making your own Bobin! :D


  1. Wow, how fabulous to get published!! Congratulations! I'll have to see if I can find a copy here in Alberta! That is so sweet of you to share a pattern! I am trying to save my $ to buy some fur and goodies from you, is the postage to Canada a lot?
    I have heard so many different things. I love your colors of fur, and it is really hard here to buy things for bear makers.
    Margaret B

  2. congrats!

    I love love love your bears. It's so wonderful to see them featured on the magazine.

  3. Your work is lovely and charming! Congrats on the publication.

  4. Congratts!!! I will just have to hunt down a copy as well:)

  5. Hi Jenny! Congratulations! I wish we had the magazine here! It's wonderful that they put in so many pictures!
    I also love they way you "upcycled" the tea set!

  6. I love your artwork!
    so creative 0_0


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