Anime Bunny :: * Mamiko *

I know it's been a while since I last made anime bears and bunnies and thank you to many of you who has been asking about them. They're still in the making, it's just a matter of finding time creating new designs and keeping the old designs going so I'm really please to be able to show you my just finished anime bunny "Mamiko"! An anime bear is coming to keep Mamiko company while waiting for adoption. Mamiko is now sitting by my work desk and keeping me company while 'he' is being completed. She's such a chatty little girl and such a delightful character! :D If you like to reserve Mamiko, please drop me an email. Mamiko will be listed together with the anime bear once he is finished.
oh yes, more twinkee keyrings/wristlets are on their way too! :D