Monday, 5 September 2011


In my earlier post I mentioned I was 'Spring' cleaning and am looking for new homes for my private collection of bears. It is now Spring and this time, I'm looking for a new home for one of my much loved creations, the original "Raphael"! "Raphael" has been with me since 2005, he is approximately 30cm/12inches tall, created from dense curly ratinee mohair. He has long arms and legs, ready to give big hugs!! Raphael is now adopted. You can adopt Raphael right here, just click on the Buy Now button:

This month, I'd like to offer Raphael's pattern for FREE with every Raphael complete kit purchased! That is a saving of $15 per kit!! He has been a very popular bear and I hope you enjoy making your own Raphael! :D


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