Sweet Peek of the week from Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa!

Jennylovesbenny is currently being featured by the Cupcake Countessa!!!  
The Cupcake Countessa believes that we are all created from the same mold, like a muffin tin.  Though we may grow at different rates, come in array of flavors and be presented in our own unique package, our core ingredients remain the same.  This blog is one of self discovery and acceptance, of loving one's self and being true to your heart no matter what packaging you display to the world.  For what is a cupcake but a muffin in a party dress? 

Please pop on over to "Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa", it's such a delightful blog and you can also get a chance to win Melody's epattern in her blog giveaway! :D 


  1. Hello,
    the blog is so beautifull, and the Bear´s, dog´s...all animals so pretty !
    Sorry, my English isn´t so good ;O)
    This post with the muffin - i like it ! I think the same ;O)
    the Babs


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