Fleur is French for flower 🌸🎈

Practice makes perfect someone said...well, yes my custom dolls are not perfect yet but I'm loving my new girl!

Please meet ~ "Fleur" ~

She does like her sleep... in fact it took her a while to open her eyes, I'd almost named her "Sleeping Beauty".  I figure she must take after me as I used to sleep a lot...like 10 hours a day!! I wouldn't mind having a long nap right now but for the life of me, I can't seem to sleep much now-a-days but it leaves me feeling tired most of the time.  I'd always questioned how the oldies always get up early despite what time they sleep.  My mum's always saying she can't sleep in, it must be a sign of old age?  Please tell me that's not true!! LOL 

Now, please allow me to take you on my journey of creating Fleur...

This is what she looked liked.  A factory Blythe with beautiful long pink hair.  I had planned for her to have pink eyelids with white polka dots.  You know I LOVE Polka Dots!!!  She was going to have a Bob cut and she was going to be a cutesy playful girl!

Things never work out as planned and I really believe things happen for a reason...and if it doesn't go your way, it's a blessing in disguise? Well that's what I tell myself to keep happy! πŸ˜†

I found this beautiful pink acrylic paint, painted her lids and was about to paint white polka dots until I rumbled through my draw of stashed goodies.  I had these beautiful tiny dry flowers which I'd stumbled upon during my shopping exhibitions one day.  They were so pretty I knew I would put it in good use one day..

Voila!! I was so happy with how they turned out..what do you think?  I know it's not polka dots as planned but sometimes, as artists you just have to go with it and see where it takes you no?

After the sanding, carving, sanding, sanding, more carving and sanding again, she was ready for a face up.  My absolute favourite part of doing Blythe customisation.  

I had planned for her to have pink eyebrows however, I wanted to bring out the flowers on her lids so I decided on a yellowy/gold instead.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul?  I really wanted her eyes to speak to you and I had something in mind but I didn't think it will compliment her lids, hair and make up.  There are so many beautiful eyechips by so many talented Custom Blythe artists out there that I thought would go perfectly with this little girl but I couldn't wait for them arrive from overseas which usually takes up to two weeks to reach me.  I decided to just try creating them myself.  It's always a bit daunting to try something new with something you're not familiar with but you never know what you can do until its done I tell myself, and it will be fun!!  So I played around with glitter and different colour paints and again see where it will take me...

Here are three eye chips I did but I keep her original purple thinking it may look good on her with the "Pink" and playful theme I was trying to achieve.  I especially love the "stars" in her eyes! 

Flour was starting to look a bit serious and not as playful as I'd intended but hey, nothing a good bob haircut wouldn't fix!!  Cut or not to cut? I was very hesitant about cutting her hair, it was just so beautiful and soft after I'd shampooed and put treatment in it.  The colour is just amazing, hence why I had chose her as my base doll.   So I put it out there and asked other's thought.  Cut or no to Cut?  Most people voted for the bob however, one comment stuck with me which was "her expression is more suited to long hair" and I totally agreed.  I can't turn her into someone she was not born to be...she wasn't a playful little girl I'd hope she would be, instead, she was sensitive, gentle and a little shy...almost like to keep to herself or with a small group of close company.  

And not to mention that hair was too beautiful to cut and also not to mention I was too scared to cut it since not too long ago, I'd tried cutting my little boy's hair and had to take him to the hair dressers the next day!! LOL

Well here she is, my sweet girl and just like a little blossom, I thought "Fleur" was a fitting name for her.  Sweet yet a little bit of a tomboy with her love of wearing boots, even with a pretty lace dress I'd made for her. 

I hope you enjoy coming on this little journey with me and remember..

"There is no someday...just TODAY! :D