who needs to eat when you're making bears? πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€

It was forecast to rain and today I got to stay home and work on my new Jenny Bear!!  Isn't funny though we can get up early to do the things we love but have such a hard time getting up to go to work!!? LOL...well that was me this morning!! :D
Here are some photos of my work in progress...  

Here Jenny Bear is all stitched up.  Just need eyes and ears sewn on but before that, it was time for lunch.  Who needs to eat when you're making bears right? All I really needed was coffee with lots of sugar but no, I behaved and looked after my self by making a big bowl of noodles soup with tofu and home grown mushrooms.  Healthy? Just a little!! :D   

Welcome to the world you!  I've managed to finish my Jenny Bear but she still needs something to wear.   For now, she's snug in Belle's quilt which I made for her using prints from Liberty of London.  That's what I used for this Jenny Bear's inner ears.   I'm loving Liberty of London again...I used to when I was living in London, it was one of my favourite shops to visit but when I got back to Australia I was so drawn to cutesy Japanese prints and had forgotten about Liberty until now when I was searching for fabrics to make a quilt for my Blythe doll Belle.I'm tempted to steal this for this Jenny Bear as this quilts suits her much better due to her matching ears..not sure how Belle feels about that though!
Boy time sure flies when I'm in my sewing room and before I knew it or had time to make a dress for this little girl, my alarm went off to remind me I had to go pick up my little boy from school!! Yes, I NEED an alarm clock to remind me of that else, time gets lost in my sewing room..TIME had no place in my studio before my boy came along! 

Spending time in my sewing room is great, it really makes my day and I feel so happy just being in that moment in that room but what excites me more now is seeing my boy's face light up when his class room door swings open and he sees me eagerly waiting outside for him....ahhhhhhh

That was my day, hope you had an eventful or non eventful day but a blissful one.  Thank you to those who kept me company on Facebook and chats.  It really was a wonderful day! :D



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