a little holiday feeds the soul..

The school holidays are here and during this time of the year, it is when I like to stop the daily rush of life and go away to spend quality time with hubby and especially our little boy.  Giving him our undivided attention!

A little time out from the norm and especially work do wonders to the mind and soul...
Even a small road trip, sitting idle in the passenger seat allows my mind to drift and wonder freely and I get so inspired and refreshed when I get back.

Not liking the cold (D and H loves the cold, just not me), we're escaping Winter and am off to Japan to embrace their 30 degrees heat.  Looking at the forecast right now, it looks like I'll be embracing the rain there too!

I'll be away from the 25th of June till the 5th of July.  My online shop and Etsy will remain open for those who wish to purchase e-patterns.  However please bear in mind I won't be able to process any physical orders until the 7th of July. 

Depending on how my packing goes, I might bring Belle and Puchi with me too..