It's June...Winter is really here

It's June and Winter is certainly here with cold 4 degrees mornings...who wants to get out of bed when it's this cold?

Certainly not me and I was lucky enough to be able to sleep in today until the sun was high up in the sky and doing its job of warming up the earth..well Melbourne at least.  Not before then was I satisfied hopping out of the warm covers and also D was nagging me to wake up and make him his daily boil eggs for breakfast!   Yap, a child saying "I'm hungry" sure gives you the final push out of bed despite my eyelids still weighing a tonne.  Thankfully I can walk around the house AND boil eggs half blind...practice makes perfect! ;D

May was a hectic month with family from overseas visiting and staying with us which we utterly enjoyed but this also meant I didn't get much time to spend in my studio.   I've had a few requests to make chickadees and anime bunnies and so I shall work on those this month.

I won't get much done this in June either as the school holidays are coming up in three weeks and I'll be away for a couple of weeks spending quality time and giving my little boy undivided attention before he grows up and won't want to go on holidays with me no more.

Nevertheless, will try to get as many chickadee and anime bunnies born this month as time permits and for now, I hope you like my June wallpaper of Aiya and Puchi.

Puchi: "I think I just found Sleeping Beauty"...

Aiya is available for adoption and you can see her details in my Etsy shop ~

To download Aiya and Puchi's June wallpaper, please visit my flickr link below and get high resolution copy for your screen ~

Have a super month and stay warm!