July Wallpaper to download..

There's nothing more relaxing than laying on the nicely mowed green lawns and taking a nap under the warm sun...that's what Summer is to me.

I've just created this July's calendar wallpaper of my latest girl "Summer"...I didn't want you to miss out because I wasn't going to be around before the month starts and I hope you like it.

To download a high resolution copy, please follow the link below:

Hope you have a great month ahead and I'll have lots of updates of my trip when I get back and photos to show you.  I am hoping to visit Junie Moon in Osaka and bring home some goodies while I'm there.  If you like to follow me on my travels, please follow me on my instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/jennylovesbenny/?hl=en 

Have a super month in July ~ remember to make each day count! :D


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