Thursday, 16 October 2014

Simple pleasures...

Hi All,
Have you entered your comment in my 10th birthday giveaway yet?? Only 14 more days to go and this is 1st prize! :D  Hope you like my new Twinkee Keychain, she's a sweet little anime bear, designed to be with you wherever you go..:)  Good luck and tell me about your simple pleasure for the day, I love to read about them. Remember, you can enter as many times as you like!


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

*:: JLB turns 10! ::*

Jennylovesbenny turns 10 this month!

The last couple of years has been a difficult time for me and my family and it's been a huge struggle to work on JLB...and almost a year after losing my beloved Walter, we lost Benny too.   I've not been able to blog about it until now and yes,  Benny is how "JennyLovesBenny" came about. :)

JLB was no longer a bright and happy place for me, instead it filled me with sorrow and pain.  I've often felt it was time to say good bye and pack away my mohair but at the same time, I found it difficult to let go as for 8 years, it had given me such happiness and joy and plenty of memories with my beautiful furry babies.

Your lovely emails and letters also helped me to keep going, taking one day at a time with baby steps each step of the way and for that I'll like to say a BIG "THANK YOU" to you all for your amazing love and support!

Now, JLB is 10 this month and I can't believe my bear journey has lasted 10 years and WOW its been an awesome ride! :D

I hope JLB will always brighten your days and bring smiles and happiness to you. THANK YOU for your Likes on FB, for taking the time to read what I write and for your lovely emails and comments and most of all, again for your amazing support.

To celebrate Jennylovesbenny's 10th Birthday, I'll like to keep to tradition ( as I'm a traditional gal ;D) and offer a blog giveaway.  There will be three winners!

To enter, just leave a comment on Jennylovesbenny's facebook post during the next 30 days and you'll be automatically entered in the draw.  Please leave one comment and tell me what are your simple pleasures that makes you happy! My latest simple pleasure was sitting in my car, parked and just listening and enjoying my current favorite song until it was finished before stepping out to go to work. :)  

I will be using to generate a number to pick the three winners on the 1st of November.  The winners will be revealed later that day! :D
Each winner will receive a hard copy of JLB's birthday book PLUS for...

1st Prize: A Twinkee keyring (to be shown before the draw)
2nd Prize: 2 x hard copy pattern of your choice
3rd Prize: 1 x hard copy pattern of your choice


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

*:: OCTOBER Wallpaper is here! ::*

Hi Everyone,
I bet you thought I've forgotten about October's Wallpaper with just one day to go... ;)
Here it is, it's now ready to download, just click here or follow the link:

What's this I hear you say? is that a birthday photo you see?? Yes in deed...please stay tuned, I'll have something special for you tomorrow! :D

Saturday, 27 September 2014

it's going to be a beautiful day...

Good morning everyone!! I woke up to this this morning, think it's going to be a beautiful day today! Hope you have a great one too. :D

Sunday, 24 August 2014


I like to be optimistic but I think last week, my post about perhaps having TWO new creations to show you was probably over optimistic!  I am still working on the other bear but I was afraid another week will go by before I have anything to show you so, instead of keeping you waiting (and besides me being extremely excited to present to you) is my latest...TIPADY!
Tipady has just been listed on in my Etsy shop.  Please follow the link:
for more photos of my Tipady Rabbit and for adoption.
Thank you again for visiting my creations! Have a great week ahead everyone! :D

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Treats for my Sweets!

 Taking a short break from's tea time!! :D
Next week, hopefully, I'll have TWO babies to show you...and on that note, I better get back to work! ;)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Al vida zein my lovely...

What a lovely weekend we had..the Sun was out and the Winter breeze was bearable!  I was able to take some photos of my latest Jenny Bear.  Here she is sitting in front of her little doll house, warm and snug with her new scarf. 

I won't be creating a listing for this Jenny Bear as she has found a new mummy already and is on her way to a more sunny and warm location in WA, Australia.   I've started cutting away again (hint, she's got long ears) and hopefully, I'll have a new little girl to show you soon.  Stay Tuned!


 Thank you again for visiting, it's always a pleasure hearing from you! :D

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Rainy days and Thursdays...

just do not work well for me unless it is a sun-shower! We don't mind that do we Jenny Bear?  We LOVE sun showers.
Well, I enjoyed snuggling up on my couch in front of the fireplace and knitting Jenny Bear her new scarf and now, I think she's complete and I'm happy with the finish.  I so wanted to take photos to show you today but my windows were overcast by the storm.  "BIG wind BIG rain" so all we could do was sit by the window sill, feeling cosy and safe. 
I will try my hardest to take a bunch of photos of my new Jenny Bear in the next couple of days.  I'm very excited for you to meet her! :D
Until then, stay warm and keep smiling! :)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Not quite just ready yet...

Wow, it's another week already?! I can't believe how quickly the week has gone by but I tell you, I do look forward to my Thursdays where I can just sit in my studio and sew.  It's been so cold the past couple of weeks, tis nice and cosy being held up (by choice) inside but this weather is playing with my moods...I just couldn't decide on her dress!!
Here is a little peek at my latest Jenny Bear...she's not quite ready yet, something is missing and I'm yet to decide I said, this weather is putting me a funny mood..indecisive mainly! 
Catch you next week! :D

Thursday, 17 July 2014

My new studio...

Hi Everyone :D
My, it's been too long and i have missed you all.  Thank you to everyone who had dropped me a message to make sure I was still ok.  The past three years has been manic and my little boy is now 3y.o!  We've moved home and I finally have my own studio again..(look above)!

I'm still not back in full swing yet but I do have 1 day a week to spend on my JLB...I can't complain, that's 1 day more than I had before.  As you can see below, a new Jenny Bear is in the making and oh yes, it feels so good to be sewing again.  Stay tuned, she's going to be a very special little girl! :D

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cherish ME...

Cherish the people we love...

Cherish the laughter and joy...
Cherish the small things...
Cherish the moment...

"Cherish" is my latest bear design.  I started creating her before I took my time away and wasn't finished until recently.  She's been sitting patiently, waiting for her Wings!
Cherish has found a new home not too far from her birth place.  Thank you Mara for adopting Cherish!


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sneak Peek!

Here is a bear I was working on before my absence...this is just a sneak peek.  She will be available for adoption real soon! :D

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Buta! oink oink

Before introducing my new JLB friend, I would like you to meet an old JLB friend, "Buta", an anime piglet.  He was on my earlier post: "This little piggy" and was designed and created for Bear Essence back in July 2011.  Now I can also offer his pattern to you.  This little piggy is 12cm/5" tall and he is part of my "anime" collection.  Buta is only available from my Etsy shop at the moment and you can download straight away after check out! :D 
Hope you have lots of fun making your own Buta!


Hello my friends, it's been a while I know...
I hope you've all been well.  I'd like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time to write to me during my absence, for your concerns and your continuing support.  I'd needed to be away for my family but am back now and am ready to make you smile again. :) 
I hope I can delight you with my happy characters once more and of course Jenny Bear's simple pleasure adventures!

Stay tuned! I shall have a new pattern to offer you very shortly!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sponsor: Jenny's Tea Party!

Only 1 day, 6 hours and 1 minute to go before my long walk!! I'm very excited about it but at the same time, can't wait to get it over and done with!! :D The team and I walked 40km a couple of weeks ago and into the night during the last couple of hours. Let me say, I didn't like walking in the dark especially through the steep up hill slopes of the rain forest with the fern and tree branches smacking me in the face from my fellow team member walking in front of me! hehe
I think I fair pretty well after 40kms with only my little toe blistered like a red grape and my right heal blistered like no pediatrics would like to touch!! LOL Having said that 40km is far from the 100km which we're about to test our walking sticks with but we will certainly do our very best to finish. Just before the big day, I must thank all my family, friends and customers who has made a donation. Thank you so much Heather (my No.1 fan) for sponsoring me with her newly created "Jenny's Tea Party" Facebook page. "Jenny's Tea Party" is Heather's own collection of JLB bears. It's such a delightful place to be with lots of gorgeous photos taken by Heather herself. Best of all, it is open to everyone so please pop on by to "Jenny's Tea Party" and join in the fun! :D
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