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The JLB Orphanage For Much Loved Girls..

I'm loving this new theme for my girls besides the Candy Series and so I've decided to create a new series as part of the JLB custom dolls and I've called it..
JLB's Orphanage For Much Loved Girls (est.17 century).. :D
Here is my second girl from this new series, please meet Prim (Primrose). 
 Prim is shy and a little unsure of everything but she has a positive character and the other girls and especially animals are very much drawn to her due to her sweet and playful nature.  Yes, shy yet playful when she's in good company.  Her shy laughter is almost contagious and caring nature is what makes everyone loves her so much. ​ Prim dreams of a warm and loving home with many children and animals she can spend time with.
More information on the work done on Prim in the listings.  Prim has just been listing on my website in AUD$ at:
and my Etsy shop US$ at:…

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