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Candy girl...🍭🍬

You've probably noticed I've been spending a lot more time working on custom Blythe than I have been sewing furry babies these past few months.  Largely because the dolls do take a lot longer to complete but I have to say, when I put the final finishing touch to my dolls, it's very very satisfying!
My dolls has taken a certain direction also after I brought back a clay macaron and cake making kit from Japan.  Since then, I've been almost addicted to making and piping my own macarons and decorating them.  It's so much fun...just reminds me how lucky kids today are as I didn't have any of these things to play with when I was a little girl but that's ok, I get to play with them now! ;)
Hence, my "Candy Girl" series was born.  Inspired by all things colourful, delicious and sweet, this is my second girl from the series as the first one has found a home before she was listed.  Please meet "Candice"...

Candice is now looking for a mummy to lov…

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