Wednesday, 22 March 2017

It feels like Christmas morning!!

Oh my!! Look who's arrived today!!! It's like Christmas morning again..EEEEeeeeeeeeee πŸ˜†

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The day is just too short when I'm in the my sewing room! ~

I had such an awesome day yesterday, not needing to go to work and spending the most of the day in my sewing room!! I received these beautiful quilt fabrics by Liberty of London a while ago and now am at the stage of putting the wadding and backing together.  This is for my Blythe Belle's bed, she's been waiting way too long and Winter is coming she keeps telling me! :D  

I think it's coming along nicely, I absolutely love the combination of fabrics!  

I also managed to work on my bunny...I made little adjustments to my pattern and used this cutesy Japanese fabric for her inner ears.  Am really hoping she'll be ready to celebrate Easter! :D

Saturday, 18 March 2017

She is Saraphine...❤️

I don't recall where I'd heard that name before but Saraphine is stuck in my head whilst trying to think of a name for this little girl.  So I googled the definition and this came up:Top Definition - Saraphine. An abnormal person that is often recongized as weird or special. She is a saraphine...well this little girl is pretty special to me!! So Saraphine it new girl!  hope you like her.   I shall have more photos of her on my website and she'll be available in my Etsy shop planned for tomorrow.  Thank you always for stopping by and taking the time to read my posts.Hugs,xx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Every Day Is A Journey...

hey what's this? two posts in one day???  hehe..yes I got a day off work and I told myself, this day is going to be all about my bears and dolls..before my boy comes home from school! :D

It was such a great day today with a brilliant (literally) start to the morning!   It went by way too quickly...that is always the case when I'm working on my bears or dolls but I'm so pleased it was a strike on my "good day" column and I managed to get my new girl finished.

The first thing I did after hubby took our son to school, I ran, yes literally ran into my sewing room and got cracking on my new Blythe's backplate. I love seeing the backplate art by other artists but I don't do it myself.  I'm still contemplating if I will but I think its best I allow where the creativity and most times, where the girls will take me.  :D

I do however, like to put a little inspirational quote on there for each of my girls :) I hope this too will give hope and inspiration to their new mums too!  This is what I did this morning..

Now my girl is finally finished and ready to be put back together.  I'm still trying to think of a name for her but nothing has come to mind as yet...maybe when she's all dressed up, she'll let me know what her name is. :D

I received a lovely handkerchief from one of my purchases as a gift.  It was a lovely handkerchief and as soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to use it to make a dress for this little girl.

Still a little bit of touch up here and there and she'll be ready to be properly photographed however, for now, that's all for today from me, time to get dinner ready ( lasagne tonight πŸ˜‹ ) and can't wait for my boy to come home from school!! Have a super fab day everyone, especially to those who's day has just begun.


Best way to wake up!

Love waking up to the warm glow of sunrise coming through my bedroom window. 

The best way to wake up to the world besides being showered with kisses by my little boy! This morning was extremely bright and orange and all so amazing!! 

I had to jump out of bed (at 6:30) to take pics..and for those who know me well knows I'm so not a morning person at all but this was way too awesome to miss and stay in bed...

.....and an hour later, it's raining!!  

I'm ok with that, what do I expect right, I live in Melbourne! Besides, I have a whole day to myself to spend in my sewing room!!! yeah, now lets see what I can get done today...

Sunday, 26 February 2017

✨✨ Angels are all around...✨✨

Hi All,It's another month gone, my how fast are we getting through the days this year!?  You might have noticed my creativity space has slowed down a bit this month since my little boy is back at school and I'm back at work.  I am however grateful that I can still have a little time to spend in my sewing room, continue to make bears and now dolls.This month, I'm so thrilled that my new girl "Fleur" found new home and I'm super excited about creating my next girl.  
Here is a sneak peek of my next girl's eye lids.  Just like night and day, this new girl will be the opposite of Fleur with dark brown hair and dark lids. 
I've been working on several projects on the go and while the lids were drying I started a new Jenny Bear (pic below).  It's a little bit of a struggle giving my time to either my bears or dolls at times! I can only imagine what it must be like with multiple kids seeking your attention! hehe
This Jenny Bear has already been spoken for and will be going to live in the US, travelling with her white Angel "Boo" (below left).   I sure will miss these babies and so, for next Month's wallpaper, I'm featuring my white Angels...Just right click on the photo to download or for a larger photo, you can visit my flickr page instead.  Here is the link: month,  hopefully I'll have my new girl finished and I've just started on a white Jenny Bear.  Will post some sneak peak in my Instagram and Facebook page during the week.  I will also endeavour to finish my Ben and Boo patterns so that you can also create your own guardian Angels!! ✨Last month I posted about Belle's new bed,  I'm still working on that and have just received some beautiful fabrics from Liberty of London to create a mini quilt.  I just love all the little pieces and can't wait to put them together.  It's been a very long time since I've made a quilt, I sure hope I do these fabrics justice.  Please wish me luck!Until next time,  I hope you have an awesome month ahead and keep creating!Hugs,Jenny

Saturday, 28 January 2017

🌜✨Keep on dreaming...dreams can come true! 🌝🌟

Hi Everyone, 

First of all, I like to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year.  This year is the year of the Rooster and hopefully the fiery Rooster will bring you prosperity, lots of joy and good health!! 

As we're getting close to a new month, I've prepared February's wallpaper for you and the theme ~ "Keep on dreaming girls...dreams can come true if you make it happen!" ✨πŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸ’«

Just right click on the photo to download or for a larger photo, you can visit my flickr page instead.  Here is the link:

As you can see, Belle has a new bed and she's very excited and have asked Fleur for a sleep over!!
I'm still in the process of completing her bed...this is what it looked like (see below).

Mum found this in a Salvation shop!! She brought it home and cleaned it up thinking it'll be perfect for my bears!! Isn't it just lovely!!!??  and mum too of course!! LOL 

I must say, I don't have the patience to shop, I really dislike walking around for hours, going from one shop to another looking at things.  I'm one of those people who just go to the shop, go straight to the aisle and pick up what I need and then I'm outta there!! My mum and bestie on the other hand, they can walk for ages and bless them cause they pick up some awesome finds like this gorgeous dolly bed.  

The idea of recycling is very appealing to me too.  This bed is going to get a make over, it's got a new mattress so far, I've taken the canopy off and oh, so much planned!! This once well loved doll bed is going be much loved again. πŸ’—πŸ’— Please stay tuned...

For now,  Belle wants to say...

"Sleepovers are so much fun but I must get some shut eye now...nite nite Fleur,  nite nite P, nite nite Puch...nite nite all.. zzzzzzzz


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fleur is French for flower 🌸🎈

Practice makes perfect someone said...well, yes my custom dolls are not perfect yet but I'm loving my new girl!

Please meet ~ "Fleur" ~

She does like her sleep... in fact it took her a while to open her eyes, I'd almost named her "Sleeping Beauty".  I figure she must take after me as I used to sleep a 10 hours a day!! I wouldn't mind having a long nap right now but for the life of me, I can't seem to sleep much now-a-days but it leaves me feeling tired most of the time.  I'd always questioned how the oldies always get up early despite what time they sleep.  My mum's always saying she can't sleep in, it must be a sign of old age?  Please tell me that's not true!! LOL 

Now, please allow me to take you on my journey of creating Fleur...

This is what she looked liked.  A factory Blythe with beautiful long pink hair.  I had planned for her to have pink eyelids with white polka dots.  You know I LOVE Polka Dots!!!  She was going to have a Bob cut and she was going to be a cutesy playful girl!

Things never work out as planned and I really believe things happen for a reason...and if it doesn't go your way, it's a blessing in disguise? Well that's what I tell myself to keep happy! πŸ˜†

I found this beautiful pink acrylic paint, painted her lids and was about to paint white polka dots until I rumbled through my draw of stashed goodies.  I had these beautiful tiny dry flowers which I'd stumbled upon during my shopping exhibitions one day.  They were so pretty I knew I would put it in good use one day..

Voila!! I was so happy with how they turned out..what do you think?  I know it's not polka dots as planned but sometimes, as artists you just have to go with it and see where it takes you no?

After the sanding, carving, sanding, sanding, more carving and sanding again, she was ready for a face up.  My absolute favourite part of doing Blythe customisation.  

I had planned for her to have pink eyebrows however, I wanted to bring out the flowers on her lids so I decided on a yellowy/gold instead.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul?  I really wanted her eyes to speak to you and I had something in mind but I didn't think it will compliment her lids, hair and make up.  There are so many beautiful eyechips by so many talented Custom Blythe artists out there that I thought would go perfectly with this little girl but I couldn't wait for them arrive from overseas which usually takes up to two weeks to reach me.  I decided to just try creating them myself.  It's always a bit daunting to try something new with something you're not familiar with but you never know what you can do until its done I tell myself, and it will be fun!!  So I played around with glitter and different colour paints and again see where it will take me...

Here are three eye chips I did but I keep her original purple thinking it may look good on her with the "Pink" and playful theme I was trying to achieve.  I especially love the "stars" in her eyes! 

Flour was starting to look a bit serious and not as playful as I'd intended but hey, nothing a good bob haircut wouldn't fix!!  Cut or not to cut? I was very hesitant about cutting her hair, it was just so beautiful and soft after I'd shampooed and put treatment in it.  The colour is just amazing, hence why I had chose her as my base doll.   So I put it out there and asked other's thought.  Cut or no to Cut?  Most people voted for the bob however, one comment stuck with me which was "her expression is more suited to long hair" and I totally agreed.  I can't turn her into someone she was not born to be...she wasn't a playful little girl I'd hope she would be, instead, she was sensitive, gentle and a little shy...almost like to keep to herself or with a small group of close company.  

And not to mention that hair was too beautiful to cut and also not to mention I was too scared to cut it since not too long ago, I'd tried cutting my little boy's hair and had to take him to the hair dressers the next day!! LOL

Well here she is, my sweet girl and just like a little blossom, I thought "Fleur" was a fitting name for her.  Sweet yet a little bit of a tomboy with her love of wearing boots, even with a pretty lace dress I'd made for her. 

I hope you enjoy coming on this little journey with me and remember..

"There is no someday...just TODAY! :D


Monday, 9 January 2017

Baby Angels are born..

Happy 2017 Everyone!

I'm so excited to present to you my first creations for the New Year.   Please meet my Baby Angels "Boo" and "Ben".

Baby Angel "Boo" has (right) has been adopted however, his twin "Ben" (left) is just listed in my Etsy shop.   For more photos and adoption details, please visit

These Baby Angels are a new design and I shall have their pattern available to you soon.  Stay Tuned!

Thank you for dropping in and have a super fab day!! :D

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Jenny Bear meets Belle & Pink πŸ’•

Hi All,

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas day and have had these few days to recover.  As for me, I'm still celebrating. For some reason, most of my friend's (and mine) birthdays are between Christmas and New Years and the party doesn't stop until after the New Year!  I've conceded that I'm no longer as young nor do I have the energy to PARTY ON like the days of old! LOL

Today, I've decided to give myself some ME time and get my butt in order so I can hit the ground running for the start of 2017 then I will slowly run out of fuel and do a lot of catching by mid-year and miserable falling behind by the year end! hehe...

I've just created JLB's January's wallpaper.  It's "Jenny Bear meets Belle & Pink"!  My JLB family is growing from bears to now dolls.  I hope to bring you more designs in the new year and new patterns and kits too!  Hope you enjoy seeing them on your screen and they help brighten up your days!

Have a safe and Happy New Year in 2017!! Thank you all for your follows and your AWESOME support in 2016.  Looking forward to hearing from you in the New Year! πŸ’—


Saturday, 24 December 2016

πŸŽ„Merry Christmas All!!! ⛄

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Would just like to take a moment and thank you all for your wonderful support of my work over the years. Without you JennyLovesBenny would not exist. I hope this year has been very special to you and even more so with the years to come. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays wherever you are! πŸ’—Thank you always! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

a message in a bauble?

I must say, the time leading up to Christmas is always my favourite time of the year...
Putting up the Christmas tree, shopping for presents and all that cooking, baking and food and of course, quality time with family and friends.

Since Daniel was born, we started our own Christmas tradition, where each year, we have a new tree ornament, whether it's one we go shop and choose together and more recently, now that Daniel is older, we're putting a bit of a personal touch to them.

This year, it's a message in a bauble, we all get one each and inside, we write a special message for each other and dated so that in years to come, we can revisit what we have written to each other...πŸ™‚

Last year we collected pine cones from Daniel's school, we painted the tips with glue and dipped it in glitter...put a ribbon on and gave one to each of his teachers and of course, one each for ourselves.

We decorate our tree together early ( like first week of November ) so that we can enjoy the tree just a little bit longer, and each time we bring out our own ornament, it always sparks conversation of where we got it or how we made it...really brings back great memories.  I realise this time doesn't last, as Daniel will become less interested as he grows up but I'm hoping we've built enough good childhood memories for him to store away and hopefully, this new tradition of ours might even get past down to his family in the future.

I'd love for you to share your family Christmas tradition with me.  Here's to the days leading up to Christmas! Enjoy it!


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

a quiet moment ..

A beautiful day to be in my sewing room...
Working in progress on a custom order and a new baby Angel bear.

Monday, 19 December 2016

🍎 New Jenny Bear is here..

 Hi All, 

A new Jenny Bear is here and she's now in my Etsy shop at: for more detail and larger photos, please visit, there's heaps of photos of her there! :D

πŸ“¦ I'm offering FREE SHIPPING for JENNY BEAR, SHE WILL BE SENT VIA PRIORITY AIRMAIL WITH TRACKING!!  Feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding any of my bears.

Thank you for stopping by! :D


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

πŸ””Tis the season to be jolly....fa la la la la

Oh my!! has it been a month already? Well, guess what!?  The school holidays will be starting soon which means I'll be home more with my boy and yes, this also means, I will have more time for my 'other' child "JennyLovesBenny"!! πŸ˜›

I must say I've not been working very hard this month on my bears OR dolls..I've had and still have family from the US visiting and occasional staying with us.  As a result, I've done lots of cooking, baking, eating and playing mahjong till all hours of the morning.  Thankfully for them, they can sleep in but not so lucky for me, I still have to get up and go to work.. :(

December always makes me think of Christmas and as Christmas is looming, I've started our family tradition of putting up our Christmas tree the first week of November.  Each year, Daniel will bring out his Christmas train set, he will set it up once our tree is up and decorated.  I really like the feeling of Christmas and what the holidays brings for us all...

I haven't forgotten about December's wall paper though!! I'd just finished making a new dress for Jenny Bear for the festive season.  Please find below my December wallpaper featuring Jenny Bear and her beloved puppy celebrating Christmas...πŸŽ„

I hope this will put you in the festive mood! Just click on the photo to download.
Have a great month but remember..."don't count the days..make the days count"!! :D