✨ crystal castles in the sky?..🏰✨

"When I close my eyes, I dream of Crystal castles in the sky..."

Please meet my new custom girl Katarina but all her friends calls her Kat and she likes it that way! :D I'll always be inspired by the works of Hayao Miyasaki and his magical world.  Kat is created with this fantasy world in mind.   I'd pictured Kat running through the streets in a scene from  Howl's moving castle,  frantically searching and looking but what or whom? hmm...

Kat is a gentle girl but she's also bold.  She loves to dress up in pretty dresses yet she won't hesitate to climb a tree in it.  She's very well versed in the rules of etiquette but is stiffen by traditions..,what shall we do with this girl?

Kat is now ready to look for her forever home.  She's available from my Etsy shop.
As always,  please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions.
Good night and sweet dreams for now and lets hope tomorrow brings more sunshine to our lives!