Little Princess

Hello! my name is "PRINCESS", I'm not a real Princess of course, I'm just named "Princess". It's a rather pretty name if I may say so myself and it certainly makes me feel very special! :D

Princess is just a little character! She is approximately 26cm/10.5 inches tall and is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints.

Princess wears beautiful fur made from long wavey sparse mohair that has been hand dyed in a very subtle hint of pink. Very unique and making it truly one of a kind...and reminds me of pink Champagne! purp! LOL

Princess has large black German glass eyes and a dark brown embroidered nose.She is filled with quality polyflock stuffing and is a perfect size to cuddle and hold!

I've been saving this gorgeous button (another little treasure I found in Japan) for that special bear and I think it is so befitting for Princess. You should see her reaction when the sun hits those little crystals beads and reflect light from the sun onto the wall. "How pretty!!" she'll sigh excitingly and watch in awe until those little sparkles disappear. She's a special little girl indeed! :D

Princess has just been listed on eBay for a 5 day auction till the 21st of September. Here is the link to her auction:


  1. She's simply GORGEOUS Jenny! I hope she finds a home befitting of her royalty.


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